【個人撮影】ブルマから愛液が漏れちゃう…コスプレオナニーが気持ちよすぎて放尿しちゃった! porno

I am a handsome young man, 22 years old, 178 meters tall with an athletic body . I will tell you, the event started when I went to my aunts in Izmir after 8 months of military service
My aunt was a widowed woman in her 40s, but she was still very sensitive. I used
to dream about her hips all the time. Her daughter was like an angel, she was an angel
. We went to have fun together one night, we
came back around 03.00 because we had too much alcohol, she
said that we should go to bed immediately
and went to the bedroom . gone

We were alone with my aunt and my mind was always on her gorgeous ass. My aunt
got up and staggered because she was drunk, so I hugged her waist saying this is an opportunity . My
dick, who had already got up, was on my aunt’s gorgeous
ass and my aunt was startled. Then she
said she was going to go to bed angrily and went to work in the morning. I was
alone with the auntie. I wanted to fuck her as soon as possible. While I was sitting, she told me to take a bath
and plug it into a vcd from the movies there, and while I was browsing the movies,
I found a porn movie and I was watching it.

meanwhile I was 31 and I was startled by the sound of my aunt’s footsteps yes
she caught me in the room and when she saw my 22 cm wound she made a moon sound she
came to me last night she said she was very
impressed by my sticking my dick on her and she was kissing me to death she was kissing me
as if my lips were going to be torn off I laid her on the floor and tried to lick her breasts I started, her breasts were a little sagging but she was very cute 🙂 I started to lick her
belly and cunt, my aunt was screaming under me, come on man, I want her big cock

meanwhile I got up and told him to lick my dick the room was doing his job magnificently
he was licking it to death at that moment I couldn’t help but explode
like a volcano then I
started licking his gorgeous cunt and wonderful ass by twisting him my cobra started to move again
and I couldn’t take it anymore the first thing on my mind was to fuck him in the ass but I
couldn’t agree, he said he didn’t do it at all and he was afraid of
pity, so I did what he wanted, I started to put my pussy in the head slowly
, it was burning like a fire, I fucked him for 20 minutes in that position, then I took my dick out and
pressed it to his ass hole in one move. My aunt
screamed to the death, I thought it was torn.
I put it in half of it, my aunt, who realized that there was no salvation now,
did not object to me fucking her ass

nothing happened gini undressed and ran next to us and stuck to my lips i was fucking my
aunt while kissing her daughter my dreams were coming true
my aunt couldn’t stand it anymore she ejaculated and went to the
bathroom I started licking her cunt she was mad she was almost mad come on man come on ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh fuck me she was moaning come on but we had one problem she was a virgin I wanted to fuck her gorgeous ass

on the other hand, it was on fire as if my dick was flayed i thought
i had a tight grip on the waist in my tight ass and stuck my cock up to the root in a hammock the
dream started to cry and the animal was saying rip my ass off i
ignored it and kept pumping then
i want to be the real man of the dream

I said fuck your pussy, he objected, but in vain, I fucked my dick in one move
, blood was flowing, yes I broke the dream, it was a wonderful
pleasure, this dream stopped crying and it was just looking for pleasure 🙂
After we fucked the dream for half an hour, we both ejaculated and we went to the
bathroom and there was my aunt and the dream. once again i fucked the ass
and we slept there for 6 days and i fucked two bitches almost every day

Now I am preparing the ground to go to Izmir again 🙂

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