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I would like to tell you about an incident that I lived with my aunt. My aunt is
a 1.70 cm tall brunette sweet woman with fish meat. Since her husband was abroad
, she would come to us on vacation whenever she could, every
time she came, I was dreaming that I would fuck her this time, but it was not happening, I was embarrassed, I could not feed her
to sleep, but because our house was crowded, she
I had to stay in the same room with her at night . My aunt was having sleep problems.
She started to take medicine. I just
heard about

she didn’t sleep and immediately took a sleeping pill and went to bed after waiting for 1 hour,
I checked to see if she was sleeping and she was sleeping
softly my dick was full I immediately dropped her weight and started to lick her
pussy as if I was aware that she was getting fucked my pussy was extremely
watered and the ordeal I had been going through for years was going to
end And then there were voices from inside. It was my father who entered the room.
He was checking to see if everyone was sleeping. My aunt was checking to see if everyone was sleeping. He was making my
plans. He had learned from my mother that he was going to take sleeping pills today,
and without doing anything, he started to fuck her directly
in his pussy. After squeezing for 10 minutes, he emptied into the napkin in his hand and left the room. I
I went into action right away, I opened my aunt’s cunt and started to fuck and
ejaculated on my aunt’s belly like a whirlwind I
recorded what I did to her, I look at her every time I masturbate, it’s a very nice feeling

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