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Our daughter Hale (18), son Mert (19), wife Deniz (36), mother Figen (56),
father Yaşar 68 and Ben Demir 37 years old, we are a happy
family living together. My father is a famous architect, so I followed in his footsteps and became an architect
, and when I left school I started working in his office. Then I got married,
we had children, By the way, we always lived in rental houses. Two years ago
, we built a triplex house that I drew up on a land left by my grandfather
. On the third floor, Denizle has my bedroom, a bathroom and my
study, on the second floor Hale’s and mert’s rooms, my parents’
room, 2 bathrooms and a large wardrobe room, on the ground floor, a large
living room, kitchen, bathroom. Oh, by the way, toilets on each floor. in the construction of the house
I had created the most beautiful house with the most luxurious materials that spared nothing
I gave the workers 3-4 days off before the thin plaster of the house was finished and the paint, whitewash and plaster molding work started, and in these 3-4 days
I worked alone in the construction,
placing a mini camera with very high resolution behind the ventilation grille of each room, joining the ends
in the attic and connecting a protective plastic pipe. I placed it inside and
lowered all the ends to the wall behind my desk in my study.
After all the finishing works were completed, all the household items except my study room were moved,
meanwhile Deniz renewed most of the furniture , I
placed my last study room and connected all the cables I had downloaded to my computer to the clipboard.
I made an experiment. 20 cameras , including the guest bedroom, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3
toilets, kitchen, living room, dressing room, were
working flawlessly. There was no room or corner in the house that I could not see
. I forgot about the camera thing for a long time. One day,
while I was struggling with a project, I was so overwhelmed that my back was stiff, I quit drawing, lay
back, rested, got up, poured myself a whiskey, sat in front of the
computer, turned on the cameras, and
started wandering around the house. I thought there was no one in the house, suddenly I saw Mert going through my wife’s
closet, oh my God, what was this kid doing in there, when she pulled out of the closet,
she saw the skirt and blouse in her hand and looked more confused.
I am shocked. I bent over the computer with interest and continued to watch,
Mert came out of our bedroom and went into Halen’s room and took a pair
of panties, a bra, and pantyhose from her dresser. My curiosity grew more and more every moment
. Mert then entered my mother’s room and took a pair of thin
high-heeled shoes and my mother’s red wig from there, and went to his own room
. When he entered his room, he locked the door and arranged the items
on his bed as if he were dressing him on a mannequin,
forming a hollow woman on the bed. He went to the mirror and
started to undress. What if I can’t understand what this crazy boy is going to do,
I noticed that Mert, who was left naked, did not have a single hair on his body.
pulled. Then she approached the bed and put on Hale’s black lace panties, put
on her bra, put the
chest-like thing she had prepared beforehand, put on pantyhose, put on the sea
mini skirt and white blouse, put on a wig, put on high-heeled
shoes and stood in front of the mirror. She turned left and right,
watched herself, put a flame-red lipstick from the last drawer on
her lips and stepped back, watching herself in the mirror and
dancing around the room in her own way. If I hadn’t watched the whole event, I wouldn’t believe that the peanut I saw in the room
would be Mert, who would say it’s a disaster
. He went to his desk and started his computer, took it out of his bag.
He inserted a CD and sat down in his chair and crossed his legs like a catastrophe.
I was impressed and hardened by what I watched. In the transvestite CD that Mert wore
, a bright boy like himself was meeting with his girlfriend and
they were getting fucked by two fierce black men. I said enough and got
up, turned off my computer and went to Mert’s room, fantasies
are for sharing, let’s share with me in the summer.

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