おちんぽに興味津々なにフェラと手コキされてイってしまう男子 porno

Hi, I am a 33 year old married male. This is my story, it’s
an event that happened 2 months ago, I’m selling construction materials, I have a neighbor where I am
. I discovered him on the first day I opened the shop, he looks at people
as if he is eating them away. Our relationship with him first developed with glances and
continued until the bed. This lady is married and has no children. Her husband has married for the second time
, but she has no children from her first husband
. Anyway, let’s get back to our topic . The woman lives on the 4th floor in the building right next to me. 1st
and 2nd floors of this building are empty. Our meetings take place on these floors, I am
waiting for him with excitement . It was a day like this again, it was evening and I
was about to close my workplace, we communicated with him and I went up to the 1st floor and waited for him and he came.
I immediately started to caress her breasts under her clothes. She
started to pass out and slowly started to take off her clothes
, it was my turn to take off my
clothes and I made her get horny. I then
started sucking on her orange sized nipples. The wife
began to moan in my arms. I immediately laid her on the floor and went down between her legs and
started licking her cunt’s lips
. She was wriggling on my horse like a snake and saying fuck me now. I had no intention of fucking right away. The wife had a pussy, believe me
, even my thumb could hardly enter. I put my dick in his mouth and
asked him to suck it, it was obvious that he was a sucker because he was sucking it. after soaking it up nicely
Then I started rubbing my dick against my wife’s pussy, the wife
writhed like a snake under me
and pulled me towards her with her leg, like we did with our cock, and she pulled me towards her with her leg, but
I said she got caught. When I go in and out of the wife, your wife’s moans increase
. I want you more now. I want you more. Until now, my husband said, “If you would fuck
him like that, you would be a slave to him,” he said. While he continued to fuck me,
I said that I’m coming to him
. He started to suck my dick out of his pussy, he says
, this dick can be kissed and loved and
become a slave to his servant. We had this fuck with him almost every day since then. one
Our child and her poor husband were very, very happy.
I ‘m waiting for news from you

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