派手髪フリーターまゆかちゃんのノーハンドフェラ→ごっくん②。No-hands blowjob by flashy-haired freelancer Mayuka → drinking sperm②. porno

I was a 24-year-old, 165-year-old
thin white-skinned
woman. We were going to leave the place with our heads high and call a taxi to return
to our house . We called the taxi. But we were always laughing because we were drunk and we were having bad conversations with my aunt. When I approached the house, I told the man to enter a street that cannot be entered . We started arguing. When the discussion got bigger, I started cursing the driver with the gas given by being drunk . Then my aunt and I got out of the taxi and I slammed the door hard .

The man also got out of the taxi. He walked over to me while I kicked his taxi again
I was going to take pepper spray out of my bag and spray the man. My aunt was watching the situation with a laugh because she was more
drunk than I was. Just as I was about to spray pepper spray, I suddenly saw a black thing the size of a mobile phone
in the man’s hand . Then I heard the chizzzz . I dropped the pepper spray on the ground, shouted and collapsed to the ground. When I woke up, I saw that I was in big trouble. I was lying in a filthy room with my hands and arms tied and my mouth bandaged. My skirt and t-shirt were taken off.

I was only wearing panties and a bra. My aunt was dressed. She was still unconsciously
tied to a chair.
they taped her mouth too. I was struggling but in
vain. A shitty argument was going to get me raped because of my spoiledness
Then the driver and a young man my age entered.
The girl was not bad. said the young man stroking my legs . Meanwhile, my aunt had
woken up and was looking around with frightened eyes. The driver went to my aunt and said with a grin, “We
‘re just going to make your nephew jump, you’re retired from fucking”. My aunt kept silent and bowed. She was crying helplessly. meanwhile the younger one stripped off my panties and started whitewashing my cunt. it was rubbing slowly.

he was stroking his legs
perverted. The younger one started to fuck me. He was pushing on
me and crushing me. I was just moaning because my mouth was also taped.
After a while, he took his dick out and
ejaculated on my face.
Then the taxi driver came. He placed his dick in my pussy and
after a while, he took his dick out and ejaculated on my body.
meanwhile, the younger one was pulling on my aunt’s dress and
squeezing her small breasts
that were exposed.
The taxi driver took the tape off my mouth. I was screaming for help. They
were just laughing.
When my voice seemed to be hoarse, I kept quiet. No one could hear my voice. You were
cursing me because I’d fuck you
He said look who is fucking who. I was cursing the son of a bitch as a pimp.
They were watching with a smile. He took the pepper spray that I had dropped in the fight. He sprayed it in my
Tears were coming from my eyes. I was coughing. My makeup was running.
The two of them went to my aunt this time . I was
shouting dishonest dogs.
They also removed the tape from my aunt’s mouth. My aunt begged, “What
do you want, guys, let’s go.”
They both laughed and said a blowjob, grinning. My aunt was begging
, trying to persuade.
Solve it, let’s fuck your ass, it would be fantasy, said the driver. On the other hand, I
was continuing to curse.
My aunt said ok I’ll agree to it, I bowed down and put your young dick in my aunt’s mouth.
He gave. He was saying that this wife has at least 40 years of
blowjob experience
But the young man was also enjoying it. Then he took his dick out and ejaculated on my aunt’s
face. My aunt left me and came to me and this time
she started playing with my breasts.
The driver untied my aunt. She lifted me from the chair. She sat my aunt next to me. She said to
suck her niece’s breast
My aunt kicked the driver’s balls. They both got up
and jumped on my aunt. They knocked my aunt down.
The younger one brought a bottle of wine from the side and put it to my mouth.
They said lick it, it will go into your aunt’s ass. They said that if you don’t wet it, your aunt will hurt
. I said fuck it. You wanted it. He said.
While the driver was holding my aunt, the young man was
pushing my aunt’s ass with the end of the bottle. He had a headache, but my aunt was yelling. She was cursing.
They inserted the bottle halfway through. They were pulling it out. My aunt
‘s anus started to bleed. Meanwhile, my young aunt was poking her
pussy from the bottom. More than half of the bottle was in my aunt’s ass.
They said this bitch was one of the old assholes. My aunt was crying.
He was shouting sons of bitches. They were laughing too.
They quickly took the bottle out of his ass.
this time they put the bottle on my ass. I had anal sex before
but the bottle was much thicker than a cock.
I was screaming as they tried to sting me. My voice was gone.
The bottle was scarring my ass. It was moving forward. It stopped somewhere.
Then they took pity on the bottle. My ass was in indescribable pain.
The day was getting light. They thought what to do with us. They knocked us both
unconscious again with that disgusting electroshock.
When we woke up, we were in the taxi blindfolded. That young man was
sitting in the middle of us. He left us where we were fighting and walked away. They walked away until they
untied our blindfolds and took the plate. We complained to the police, but we had nothing but two half-licked descriptions . Years passed and those who fucked us that night were not caught.
I’m angry.
rape made me mature

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