I am the first child of a family of Eastern origin
, and I wanted to share with you an incident I experienced in the village before our house moved .

I had a friend named Cemo and we were very good together. One day
he took me to his house. There were no parents at home. I had two sisters,
one 18 and one 19 years old. He had beautiful sisters, but I
never looked at him as a friend’s brother.

We were sitting at home, chatting with cemo in a room, cemo’s older sister
came every once in a while asking if we needed something and almost wanted to know what we were talking about
. Hours passed, I said that I wanted to go home. At that time,
18-year-old Adu brought us coffee and sat next to us, I understood that he always looked at me and
wanted me, I was just getting up, his sister cemoya My father phoned and
said he is waiting for you at the shop

While cemo and I were getting up and leaving, ADU looked from behind as if asking me to stay
. After cemo left, I came back and said that I forgot my watch here.
While I was looking for the time, ADU was trying to touch me and hold my dick, now the strings were
broken I wanted her and she wanted me to take my hand to her breasts and
caress her

I was both caressing him and trying to undress him. I
started licking him all over. He was like dying of pleasure. He was telling me to come on, come on .
said no because it hurt so much, he must have fucked me before

she said she couldn’t stand it she licks my dick she wanted to
take me to her pussy and she wanted to seduce me now what was going to happen the door opened
18 year old STAR came I was very surprised and told me that I made love very well
she prepared this game with her sister and she licked my lips and
sucked on the other hand her sister licks mine she couldn’t stand it

YILDIZ asked me to fuck her sister’s pussy and handed her sister to me and told me to get on top of
her, I slowly put on my pussy and she was dying from pleasure ADUYU
I fucked YILDIZI in her ass many times and they both got married and
left after that when daddy

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