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Hello, I’m Ece. I am a kindergarten teacher. In the summers, I both take a vacation and
teach in a kids club where kindergarten level children attend
. It was a very sultry summer evening.
I walked alone on the beach for a while . Every now and then, I passed the young people gathered there,
and I was looking into their eyes in the hope that maybe I could set someone up.
I was so unlucky because of my friend . Although I was an extremely beautiful and attractive girl
, the young people who were crazy about their femininity could not notice me
! Because I am a beautiful lady
, they thought for me that she “must have a friend”. Yet they were wrong!
I was suffocating and
looking for someone to give me my maiden and get me out of this goddamn trouble!..

I decided to hang out at the Santana Bar that night. I went home and put on my low-cut
clothes. I wore a leather miniskirt underneath,
a blouse that exposed my breasts, and my
black Parisian stockings, a gift from France, on my legs. I looked like a total bitch and
this look gave me immense pleasure. I found a stool at the bar and
sat down. The environment was dark.
Young people were dancing under the flashing lights . I bought a Blody Mary and started watching. A long-
haired, slightly dark-haired young man caught my attention. She was dancing very lithely
. He had no partner. The only ugly girl he had danced with
had been usurped by another man.
I could feel the youth’s anger .

I got up from my seat and went to the floor and started to dance with that young man for the sake of spite . The ugly snow had gone horribly mortified. We met the young man. His name was Efe
. After a while, I convinced Efe to go to my house.
We went out together. As soon as I arrived at the house, which I had furnished quite nicely, I wasted no time
in taking her into the bedroom. Despite living alone
, she was surprised that the bed was a double. I immediately grabbed it from Efe’s
lips. My women’s perfume had driven her crazy.
He was stroking my breasts and sucking my lips like crazy. My pussy was so watery.
The firmness of my breasts had aroused him. Suddenly I bent down and began to pull hers
from between the buttons and put it in my mouth. like a rock
had happened. It wasn’t too big, but it was enough to give me pleasure. I
licked very well. When I realized it was coming, I was stunned with delight.
It started squirting in my mouth. It was gushing out. His sperm
filled my throat, some of them scattered on my face.
I swallowed every drop of it with my tongue . Then I chatted with him for about 15 minutes. In the meantime , I was showing
my hairy cunt under the skirt by opening my legs that I didn’t wear panties .
I was aware that this was erotic for teenagers.
Hers hardened immediately when she looked at my pussy through my skirt. I then took
off my skirt and opened my legs to the side and gave him the
opportunity to lick my cunt. He settled down between my legs and started licking my cunt.
My sister was celebrating. His tongue crushed my muzzle,
and I began to slip inside and want hers fiercely. ??Enough, put it inside me now!?? I
warned him. He immediately leaned over me and placed a beautiful one on me. After a while
, he was quite surprised to see blood stains on the sheet. He understood that I had given my maidenhood to him
!.. I was flying into the realm of pleasures like a missile. His small but
hard cock was driving my pussy like a nail and giving me the best
feelings in the world. By the way, when I squeezed my breasts,
I became very aroused and ejaculated twice in a row. After a while, it
emptied into me. That night, he had me thrown 3 times in a row until morning. 2
in my mouth, one in my mouth. It’s been a wonderful night. Ever since that day,
We fucked and I even recommended her to my other female friends…

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