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Hello, I’m Sanem. I’m 32 years old. My husband is 39 years old in Metin.
I married him 6 years ago with real love. But the past years have always
brought new searches. Inspite of this, I’ve never cheat on my husband. Until that day, that is, the day when
my husband had surgery for a herniated disc.

My husband has been suffering from back pain for a long time. That’s why we haven’t made love for almost 3 months
. He was eventually diagnosed with a herniated disc and was
told he needed surgery.
When we got to the hospital, we were told that I would not normally be able to stay with me . The companion system is prohibited. Fortunately, the operation was performed in the hospital, in
the neurosurgery clinic.

On the day of the operation, I saw that doctor I had never seen since the day he went to bed
. He was one of the assistant doctors of the clinic. This doctor, whose name
I cannot reveal for now, is quite young, very tall. He was dark, long
haired and really handsome.
I couldn’t take my eyes off him when he was telling me that he was going to have my husband’s surgery and how he should behave after the surgery

He wasn’t smiling at all. He was constantly frowning, with a stern look. The operating room uniform he was wearing almost completely revealed
those muscular arms that were stuck to his body .
He had tattoos on both arms. On his left
arm, he had a Native American tattoo that started from the shoulder to his elbow, and
a dragon tattoo on his right arm towards his wrist.

It was really sexy.
What wouldn’t anyone give to be squeezed in those muscular arms ? While I was thinking these things , he was
not interested in me at all, he did not even turn his head.

My husband came out about 2 hours after the operation and was taken to his bed. It was evening
hours when other surgeries were over and the doctors came out.
I understood that he was a senior because other doctors called him brother.

When I asked the nurse, I learned that she was about to get her specialty and that she was the most
senior assistant in the clinic, and that she had done my husband’s surgery .
Luckily he was on duty that day.

There were 3 doctors on duty in the clinic in the evening hours.
I asked someone if I could stay with my husband .
Oda asked me to ask the senior doctor, that handsome guy if I wanted , but that it was not possible .

His room was separate. I knocked on the door and went into his room.
He was sitting at the computer . He was still wearing that operating room uniform. The room was very small.
Next to the desk with the computer was a single bed.
My eye was caught there. You can’t even imagine what I’m thinking.

I politely asked him if I could stay with my husband.
But she said no, with her usual stern demeanor, without even raising her head. She wasn’t talking much.
It was obvious that he was a megalomaniac. “Please,” I said in a very soft and pleasant voice

For the first time, he lifted his head and looked at me. His gaze was very hard. One
was shivering. He stared at me without saying anything.
I thought I was out of breath . I was very impressed with this man. He asked me that I could not stay with my husband
, but that I could join him occasionally if I wanted, and that I should go to him and inform him at the entrances
and exits only.

I thanked him and left the room. I went to my husband and
said that they did not allow me to stay with him, that I would stop by once more at night and
I left the hospital. I would come at any cost. I
should definitely see him again. I wasn’t even thinking about my husband.

when i arrived. What happened? You will find it in the next story.
That’s all for now. Just wonder a little

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