A stranger from slm ist will tell you about my relationship with my aunt. I am
a high school student at the age of 18. My aunt was 30 years old.
This happened a week ago. My brother-in-law is a lawyer. Therefore, he comes home a little late
. The events started with my aunt driving me crazy. Me When I came home , she wore
one of her usual loose skirts and a loose t-shirt, and she
also has two children . it was like i was seduced, it wouldn’t have happened that much. didn’t he have that hip ?

I used to watch TV but then I would get up, I would go through my aunt’s underwear closet,
look at her lace, and then I would draw 31. Anyway, one day my brother -in-law went on a
trip to Çanakkale with his friends. My aunt and I were alone for 2 days
. I came from school and my aunt still
had one of those skirts on, she said let’s eat, I said okay. I ate, I was sitting
, she lifted the table, I looked again and said, “Your black lace bra made me crazy, I said
this is the opportunity. Anyway, my aunt was not doing the dishes in the kitchen, I went to her,
I went to her, I said what are you doing, I said aunt, I’m going to help, I’m going to help” I said, “I’m going to help you, and
my dick is already up.” He probably felt that he pulled back a little bit to the
side huh this time my aunt is wearing hijab.
Then I told him to be careful
, right ? She said don’t be silly if you do that she said it will be bad. I said whatever happens. Then I was sitting behind her and she slowly lifted her skirt, stroking her legs, she hit me once, I hit her, I said don’t worry, no one would understand, otherwise I’ll kill her from the beating I said anyway I sat back home and started to lift her skirt again I started to lift her beautiful ass. it had come

then i put my hand inside her panties and started to caress her beautiful ass it was very soft. then i started to run it in her ass hole i put my
finger in
the hole she sighed of course it was the first time she was taking something from the
I threw it and pressed it so hard that it was
almost as if her breasts would come out, what should I do, I was crazy. Anyway, I
said, enough of the dishes, I said come here, I threw it in the living room, I sat down and sat her on my
lap with her between her
legs .
I took off your shirt and those boobs are in my eyes
first I licked her bra. My aunt was breathing deeply, then I took
it off and started patching. I was sucking
and biting at the same time. My aunt was suffocating. Then I held her in my lap, even though it was hard,
and threw her into the bedroom
. When I said take my dick
in your mouth, he said don’t be silly but then I grabbed a piece of his hair
right my bottom first he started licking his head disgustedly but then
I said take it all he said no then he pushed his head from his hair to mine it was like he was going to
choke anyways ours started to lick his
ass which is facing me so I rubbed his skirt once in a while
I started to smack it, then I stripped off her panties and
started stroking her pussy ass hole I was crazy I was doing all the things I wanted then
I laid her down and started licking her feet I told her to spread her
legs My aunt was running away from the pleasure . Now her cunt was watering and I took action first she said she wouldn’t cover her cunt with her hand, but I hit it, I held her hands, then I entered it slowly, she made a uhhhhh sound, then I accelerated .

I took it out, I poured it on the carpet, I looked at it, it started to cry, then I said shut up, I said
I’ll fuck your beautiful ass, it’s not over yet. No way, Grandpa, but I was adamant, I put
him on his back and first I started to lick his back, then I twisted it and said I’d expand that beautiful ass with my
fingers first .
ahhh , then i drank it , i started
screaming, “God damn you, don’t do it ” i thought the people in the apartment would hear it then screech

I started to fuck with smack voices as I said don’t do it, I was fucking my aunt worse then I ejaculated oohhhhh on her ass and it was
over anyway, then we both took a bath and I
didn’t want to do it again, I couldn’t look at her. But I did what I wanted but I’m determined to do it again
. i will tell

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