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aravind vk’nın sohbeti I am a 30-year-old woman of medium height, light fish flesh, with long blonde hair. We are the same age as my husband and we get along very well. There is no habit of jealousy at all. He doesn’t interfere with my clothes, my trips, anything. She doesn’t interfere, and she doesn’t mind men looking at me like food because of my clothes, but on the contrary, she likes it. All he wants is for me to satisfy his sexual desires, keep up with his fantasies… Well, I’m just like my husband anyway, thank God we don’t have a problem… He doesn’t leave without making love every night, sometimes even when he gets too horny, he goes out two to three during the holidays.

When I say vacation… we go on vacation every summer. We take our leave, have fun like crazy for a month, rest, take our vacation. That’s what we were going to do last summer. I was looking forward to those days… Or rather, the pleasant Mediterranean nights that I will experience with my husband, the fun… But on the last day, Kamil and his wife Joy, who have just moved downstairs and we have started to get intimate, also wanted to join us.

Even though I wanted to be alone with my husband, we couldn’t break them. We decided to go together in our car. But there was a problem with Joy’s permission from the workplace. She would be able to leave after three days, she insisted on going with us so that her husband would not be deprived. Kamil also agreed to ask for it.

The last night we finished our preparations and went to bed. My face was glum when I was making love to my husband. My husband asked why, I told him.

– How nice, we were both going to go on vacation, husband… you also put the kamils on with us, I won’t be able to move comfortably as we want. I will have to pay attention to my clothes, my movements.” My husband was going and going inside me at the same time, “We can’t fuck comfortably like this when we want to, it won’t be a vacation like I wanted, I’m bored with him.”

– “Oh, my love, is my beautiful wife bored with this? You do whatever you want. Wear whatever you want… don’t even wear it, walk around topless. You have me with you. No one can interfere with you.” he kept going back and forth in joy, saying. I was relieved too, I made love to my husband, glad that I had such an understanding husband.

The next day my husband took the suitcases downstairs. Kamil had also brought his own things, he and my husband were placing the things together. So I closed the doors and windows and went downstairs with my bag in my hand. I was exaggerating a little more that day because we were going on vacation…

A deeply low-cut strappy bady. A linen sports mini skirt that left my plump white calves on the square under me. I didn’t like wearing a bra because it squeezed my breasts inside and I didn’t need it anyway, just a white thong panties… The ends are puffed out in the morning cool, it looks like a grape grain from the thin fabric of the badi. I had a full holiday job on my feet, nice sandals. My toes, which my husband liked to lick very much, were on the square with their red nail polish.

I was dressed in my husband’s favorite way, so… as a matter of fact, his eyes lit up when he saw me like that. He also got into the holiday mood, wore a T-shirt, shorts, sandals. As soon as he saw me, he started straightening the front of the shorts. Of course, when I was dressing racy like this, I forgot about Kamil, I never took into account, he was looking at me admiringly, just like my husband.

I didn’t care. And I like it. I managed to turn on two men in the morning. And I didn’t mind the slight scraping of my skirt when I bent down to put the bags in the trunk, so… while Kamil was standing in the back waiting, my husband came to help, we put it in the trunk together. Leaning into my ear, my husband,

– “My love, you are wonderful, you finish me. But when you bend down, your white panties look out from under the skirt, it’s between your thighs, your pussy is like a fist, do you realize that? Dec.” he whispered, saying. I shrugged my shoulders. I reminded him of his promise last night.

“I have you with me, husband. I’m dressed the way I want, so… we’re going on vacation, not to a funeral…”

– “Oh, aren’t you? My sexy wife… you’re ruining me, and the men around… I’m sick to you…” my husband laughed, closed the trunk.

We got in the car and drove off. The men moved to the front, and I sat in the back. Goodbye to playing, we started our journey by chatting. I sat in the middle of the back seat so that I could join the men’s conversation and see the road. Whether I wanted to or not, my legs were separated.

My husband turned around at one or two red lights and pointed between my legs with his eyes while talking to me, I shrugged my shoulders as if Decrying what he was saying to me.

Stupid thing, of course I knew that my short miniskirt left my calves, my white panties Decked between my pussy lips in the middle… What should I do, you told me to behave the way I want… That’s how I want it… Relaxed, reckless, a little exhibitionist…

Of course, when Kamil turned to say something, he encountered the same sight… every time he turned, his eye involuntarily shifted down to the center, turned crimson and turned in front of him before he could continue his speech. And I didn’t even mind. What should I do, Kamil, you asked to come. I’m not going to close because of you…

We took a break under a tree on the way… We opened the car doors, took out sandwiches and drinks that I had prepared at home and started eating. I was sitting in the back seat again, my feet out, sitting on a stone opposite me, talking to men and eating my sandwich. Although I tried to cover my long legs, my panties were in sight of the men sitting on the floor opposite me…

My husband was looking directly, and Kamil was checking, checking, evasive evasive… I pretended not to notice, I ate my food. The looks of men were starting to turn me on, too. I could feel my groin burning, so we finished our picnic and got up to go again so as not to be late.

It was about four o’clock in the afternoon when we arrived at the facilities where we were going to stay. We were going to stay in bungalows. We have placed the bungalow items in ours, and Kamil will stay with his wife right next to us. We had decided to throw ourselves into the sea. My husband put on his swimsuit and went to Kamil. So I opened my suitcase and chose a yellow bikini for myself… It had a thin fabric. It looked like it was transparent. It was a little small for my size, it didn’t cover much of me, but I bought it because I liked the color.

When I took my high-heeled beach slippers and towel and went outside, both men glared at me from head to toe with their eyes… Well, it was a pretty bold bikini I was wearing. My ninety-year-old breasts were swaying as I walked, gathering men’s glances on me like a magnet. I went to the seaside with two men who came behind me… I was careful to shake my hips from side to side, of course…

We left the towels on a deck chair we found empty and jumped into the sea immediately. We had a nice swim and got rid of road fatigue, the effect of the heat on us in cool waters… My husband and Kamil went out, I wasn’t full, I stayed in the water for a while… Then I got out.

When I went to the men lying stretched out on the sand in their swimsuits, their eyes were open like a fortune stone, they were both looking at me… my whole body was tense as I tried to walk on my fingertips in the angry sand. I grabbed my intervening bikini bottom with my finger and straightened it. Dec. As I was shaking my hips, my thin fabric bikini soaked with sea water was exposing all the points that should be covered.

I dried my hair and wet body with a towel. When I laid the towel down again and lay down on the sunbed they left for me, my swollen nipples looked like they would pierce the bikini top. I tied the bows of the sides of my bikini bottoms again, they were about to unravel. She already had a handful of fabric, and the wet fabric exposed my pussy lips, which blistered when I saw the sun with my pubic hair, which I left in a line in front of me. Especially when I put my back to the back and broke my knees and surrendered myself to the sun, those in front of me took the real blow…

I was wearing my sunglasses, watching Kamil with my husband. Neither of them could take their eyes off me. Especially Kamil was writhing on the sand… He couldn’t stand it and got up and threw himself into the sea. A little later, when he came back to us, the swell in front of him did not seem to be noticeable. I took off the glasses and looked at my husband, who was looking at me, I showed it. He understood, laughed,

– “What should he do, the child is single…” he said. Then he added. “You’re sleeping like that too… At least lie down properly and don’t get mad any more man, shame on you”

So, out of spite, I exhibited all sides of myself until it was evening. Finally, we packed up in the evening, went to the bungalows, took a shower, got ready for the evening. I wore a white tights without panties underneath… I had a long T-shirt with thin straps on me, but when I raised my arms, my panty-less pussy came out like a fist, and when I bent down, my bra-less breasts looked all the way down.

The three of us together, goodbye to play, arm in arm, we made our way to the disco. We drank, had fun, got excited, danced until midnight. We’ve hit the bottom of the fun. It was time to go to bed, Kamil went to his bungalow with his eyes behind him, looking at me like he had been all night, so my husband and I retreated to our rooms.

As soon as we got to our room, my husband literally attacked me and we started making love like crazy. The window was open, and since the bungalow was one-story, he could see inside. I left my husband to undress and opened the window without noticing, half closed the curtain.

Then I undressed naked and threw myself on the bed next to my husband, who was waiting for me. My horny husband immediately spread my legs and dived into my crotch. When he started stirring my pussy with his tongue, my fingers were pulling at my husband’s hair while my eyes were fixed on the window.

I didn’t wait long. About ten minutes later, I noticed a black man trying to hide himself behind the window, looking in. Our audience had taken its place. It was obvious that Kamil was going to do this from the way he looked like he was going to fuck me since morning anyway… I was making love to my husband naked in bed, and a foreign man sees me all naked, maybe he was masturbating with his cock, which he lifted while looking at me, at the bottom of the window…

I’m really hot now, I’m crazy. I grabbed my husband by the hair and pulled him into my crotch. I was beating the bed with my hips, making love moaning, making both my husband and our audience watching us from the window turn on the gas. She was turning my head to the right and left, pulling her hair out of my way, screaming,

– “Lick… Lick… Put your fingers in my pussy… Lick and put your fingers…”

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