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I am a 34-year-old university graduate, engineer with a good job. I
am married and have a son
. But last year, we started to have frequent arguments between us. I
was restless, and we
started not sharing many things anymore. I experienced the event that I will tell you last year
. Our buildings were adjacent. The lady was incredibly
beautiful, she was like a sex goddess. He wasn’t working, he was at home all day.
Over time, we
began to exchange glances with him and then to greet each other when we met in the site. He had a very inviting look
. His wife would sometimes sit on the balcony until the morning as she worked at night.
His looks and demeanor were very inviting.
One day, while chatting with her downstairs neighbor from balcony to balcony,
she gave her phone number out loud. She deliberately repeated her number out loud, of
course, I wrote it right next to me since I was sitting on the balcony at the time.

One day I gathered all my courage and called him. That’s the phone.
It was waiting for me to open it. After long talk with him
we decided to go out one day.
We took the house key of a single engineer friend from work and went there during the day with him. She wore a short mini and a
tight, strappy body that revealed all her body lines.
She was only 22 years old and she was terrifyingly beautiful. After a short
conversation, I started kissing her. Her lips were burning like a burning fire
. We were both making love and undressing each other.
As I descended from his lips to his chest, he began to moan.
These moans increased as he sucked on her nipples. then slowly down into the honey box
I started to descend and she screamed with every little blow I gave her peach with my tongue, the honey box was incredibly watery.. I was kissing and loving
every part of her body.
He was so aroused that he was out of breath. Then
he started giving me oral. He had great use of his tongue and mouth.
Then he wanted me to get inside him and I wanted to prolong the lovemaking. He
was in an unbearable state now.
When he told me that he couldn’t stand me to get inside him right away by laying on his back and opening his legs, I slowly started to
insert my penis into him. First, the rhythmic tides, then faster commuting
began. then he wanted to change position and
lay me on my back and got on top of me and put my penis inside. like a horse
It was going up and down hard and fast. It was a scream. Then the moment of explosion. On the last
landing, I exploded in it, it was hanging over me as if it wanted to take all my semen inside, it
was shaking. I was flying with pleasure
. We started to wait for a long time without speaking anything in my penis. Then
we hugged each other on the bed and continued the conversation.
It was the first time he said that he had experienced such an intense orgasm . To be honest, it was the first time I
had enjoyed a sexual relationship so much. We had intercourse with him twice that day, with the same
enthusiasm and trying every conceivable union position .
We had sex so hard that he said that his groin
hurt. He meets her at every opportunity,
We lived in perfection. However, after a while,
they left Ank and settled in another city due to his wife’s work situation. For now,
we only maintain our relationship with him via phone calls.. By the way, I have another recent
relationship. Maybe I’ll tell you about it next time
🙂 But after this forbidden relationship with my dear neighbor, I started to be an
insatiable type of sex.
I just can’t get it
out of my mind..Luckily, it’s not that hard to meet my new dear partners that I can be with..Goodbye.

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