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brazzers seks videoları i am 18 years old, I am a high school 3 student, my name is Emre. My uncle has a wife (my sister-in-law) like a stone. I am probably sick of my sister-in-law, she has been the subject of my 31 appeals all the time, my sister-in-law. I’m doing Decently well with my aunt. We go to them every once in a while and have a chat with my aunt. Dec. The main topic of our conversation topics are jokes. Of course, we also tell under-the-waist jokes Decently from time to time. I took her to bed because she craves my sister-in-law, who is pregnant at the moment. My sister-in-law had a white lacoste T-shirt on top and a young maxi-type skirt on the bottom. What caught my attention that day was that her breasts looked bigger than usual. I think she wasn’t wearing a bra. Looking from behind, because she was pregnant, the fact that she was walking with her legs open made her hips more noticeable. I was dying to tell him the last joke I heard. We sat opposite each other. After my aunt served me tea and biscuits, she said, “Is there a new joke?” when he asked, “Yes!” I jumped out and added, “But how can I tell, it’s about a pregnant woman!I said. My sister-in-law excitedly said, “Look, I’m pregnant too, come on, tell me about it!” when he said, “OK!” i said and started to tell:

The foundation has been infected with a relentless disease. Doctors say that if you drink a pregnant woman’s milk as a last resort, you will get better. Basically, the only way to stop is to go to his wife, who is pregnant. When he knocks on Dursun’s door, Dursun’s pregnant wife opens the door and asks what he wants. The basic embarrassment tells about the problem. The wife of the dursan also pities the foundation because it is a reward, and takes it inside, begins to breastfeed. Meanwhile, the wife of the Decoy is gradually coming to pleasure. Moaning, he says to the base: How, did you like it? Basic, yes, it’s very beautiful! ” says. Wife of the highly aroused Dursu, Do you want anything but to suck milk? he asks. Temelin’s eyes are opened like a fortune stone, bored, wouldn’t it be a shame, aunt? ” says. Stop, wife, don’t be shy, darling, if there’s anything else you want, I can give it to you! when I said, Basic, I’m fine, would you give me a few biscuits next to the milk, if there is any? ” says.

When I told the joke, my sister-in-law burst out laughing. He joined in and laughed, “Do you want something with the biscuit too?” he asked. To the question he jokingly asked in response, I jokingly replied, “I want milk, aunt!I said. My aunt also said, “Even if it were, dear fleda, but there is no milk in the house!” said. Pointing to my sister-in-law’s breasts, she said, “Don’t you have one?” when I said, my sister-in-law’s cheeks became al al. “There’s no milk in my breasts yet!” said. I said, “But they’ve grown up so much!” when he said, my sister-in-law got very angry and said, “Is it very obvious?” said. “Yes, but they look much prettier like this!I said. “Look at what you are paying attention to!” said. “Sister-in-law, your breasts have grown so big that it’s not like they won’t attract attention!I said. My sister-in-law said, “Huh? Let me look in the mirror and come back!” said. “Shall we look together, aunt?I said. “No way, you sit here!”he went towards the bedroom saying…( )

I couldn’t stand still because I was wondering what my aunt was doing inside, and I approached the keyhole of the door with the dream of seeing those big tits. When I was about to look through the hole, my sister-in-law opened the door suddenly and that’s when she saw me. “Were you peeping at me?” said. I couldn’t answer. My sister-in-law said, “I’ll show you if you’re just going to look!” said. “I promise, I’ll just look!I said. My heart would jump out as my sister-in-law slowly lifted up her T-shirt. Huge tits were standing in front of me. I was speechless. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Since the well-defined nipples turned me on badly, I ejaculated into my pants where I was. When the wetness became obvious from my light colored pants, my sister-in-law burst out laughing, “What the fuck, have you ejaculated?” said. I shamefacedly said, “Yes!I said.

Sister-in-law, “Get in the bathroom quickly, get clean!” said. I ran into the bathroom out of embarrassment. But with the effect of the view I saw, I immediately started shooting 31. My sister-in-law said, “There’s a robe behind the door!” I came to my senses with the saying. When I washed and went out, my aunt was still laughing. He made me some of my uncle’s panties. When I put on my uncle’s panties, our laughter was mixed. Because my uncle was very fat, his underwear was very baggy for me. While waiting for my pants to dry, which my aunt washed, we sat opposite each other, but we never spoke. Me, but I was always thinking about those big tits. My dick was starting to move again. My aunt noticed, she began to wait with curiosity for what would happen. My sister-in-law was sitting cross-legged with her hips facing me. My cock was trying to get out of the side of my wide panties, and I was trying to hide my cock…( )

Sister-in-law, “Is there no continuation of the joke you’re telling?” he asked. “No, sister-in-law.I said. My sister-in-law said, “Shall we write the sequel?” I was very surprised when he asked. He got up and came to me. Sitting on the floor, she rested her breasts on my knees, her eyes were looking at my cock, which wanted to come out of my panties. When I ran my hands through my sister-in-law’s hair, our lips met. We were lying side by side on the floor, while I was stroking my aunt’s breasts on the one hand, and we were undressing on the other. The breasts I had Deciphered were finally between my lips. I was kissing them, sucking them, teetering on them. When I landed on my sister-in-law’s newly shaved pussy, she took my cock in her mouth and licked it with appetite…

When I got behind her and stroked her breasts and swollen belly, it was like I was on the clouds. I couldn’t stand it anymore. When I Decoupled her legs and got between them, my aunt’s breathing exchanges had accelerated even more. When I rubbed my cock on my aunt’s pussy lips, I felt the pussy waters gushing from pleasure. We were slowly inserting my cock into her pussy and entering it, giving each other indescribable pleasure with our lips. I started to load up by looking into his eyes. While my aunt was wrapping her legs around my waist, her belly was putting pressure on my belly, which made me very crazy…

After fucking my sister-in-law a little like this, I turned her face down. My sister-in-law’s wide hips looked amazing. When I opened her thighs from side to side and touched my tongue to the purple hole of her ass, my sister-in-law shuddered slightly and sighed. I was fucking your ass with my tongue. From the way she was shaking her hips right and left, it was obvious that my sister-in-law was enjoying it immensely. When I put my cock in her mouth and asked her to wet it thoroughly, she said, “Not without cream, since she guessed that they would be my aunt!” he said and described the location of the cream. I grabbed the cream and came. After creaming her ass hole nicely, I grabbed my dick and put her head down and started forcing her hole.( ) Slowly I put his head in first, and then all of them. My sister-in-law wasn’t even breathing. After waiting for a while, I slowly started to move. After a couple of turns, I sped up. I was about to cum from the pleasure I got and the tightness of my aunt’s ass. I stepped in front of him right away and ejaculated as soon as I put it in his mouth…

Believe me, I’ve ejaculated enough to make it in five shagings. My knees were shaking. My aunt, on the other hand, was making an effort to swallow the last drop. While sucking the sensitive head of my slowly descending cock, he was massaging my ass hole with his finger. This pleasure cannot be described, but it is experienced!

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