Hi, I’m Ayberk, 28 years old. I live in Izmir. I work in a private company . My family is in Istanbul. My sister Aysegul is
31 years old and married, more
precisely, she was married but now divorced. My family and my sister were not
very good because they were divorced. My sister was working in a different place. one day my sister called me. Ayberk asked if I could stay with
you for a while, so I told her to come whenever she wanted. My sister got on the bus and came to me. My sister is 1.75 tall blonde with blue eyes and has a super body. The days were passing. I was freezing in the morning. My sister was dealing with the house and was spending all her days in front of the TV . Her divorce had destroyed her.

she doesn’t take care of herself. she didn’t leave the house in a very unkempt way. My
birthday came. One day before my birthday, I said to my sister that tomorrow is my birthday. I know , she said, can I ever forget. I said if you want, let’s go
outside and
celebrate tomorrow
. He said it’s for tomorrow. I said ok. But I said take the money and gave him
a large amount of money. Go and get something on top of it.
Get your hair done or something. I said to yourself, I want to see you beautiful tomorrow
. I said okay my sister. I went home in the morning. I came home in the evening. I forgot my key at home. I
rang the bell. My sister opened the door. But when I saw her, I was shocked
. It was perfect, my sister. He
took it. He placed a kiss on my lips as I went inside.
she said welcome, my sister. She was wearing a black sheer blouse on it. It was obvious that she had a
lace bra
inside. She wore a very narrow black skirt on all four fingers of her black knee
She had slippers on. She was walking towards the living room next to me. Because her skirt was so tight, the
thong she was wearing was clearly evident
I can’t tell you how sexy it was. She prepared a wonderful table. We sat and ate
our meals and drank wine. We got up from the living room and went to the living room
. She bought some whiskey and came and sat next to me. My sister said
, “How are you doing?
I always wanted you to dress like that, I said, sister. My sister laughed and I
‘ll wear whatever you want me to wear.
from now on she said you are my only friend. I had more whiskey. My sister used to play
oriental very well in the past. She used to play oriental
very well. She used to
curl up wonderfully.
As she played, her skirt gathered up
. Her legs in black thin stockings were visible up to her hips. I got up so much.
it was clearly visible on my trousers. A little later, my sister came and sat on my lap saying she was too
tired for a month. But I almost felt tight.
she was running away. she suddenly got up and looked at me saying what is this. she said you are horny.
but then she said i would scold if i saw a woman in these normal clothes. she said don’t you have a girlfriend or something. she sat
next to me. there is nothing permanent, i said it’s
all a nightgown or something. You can’t send a wife or something to the house just because I came. I’m
sure you’re too horny, my sister said. I also said yes
, unfortunately so. She got up and sat on my lap. more later

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