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I am Sabri, 180 cm tall, good looking, muscular and 22 years old male. Let me move on to my story. I came home from school one day, there was no one at home and suddenly the bell rang and it was our next-door neighbor Sude sister. Sude sister is a very sexy and beautiful woman. You have to see her tits are like a missile. He asked if my mom and dad were at home, and I said they weren’t at home, and he asked me to go to their house and put on the curtains. I immediately accepted and I was very excited and we went home right away, wearing a short t-shirt and short shorts underneath. My dick immediately started to get up and I asked where the curtains are, the room is in the bathroom, he said I’ll go to the bathroom and get the curtains, I saw a red and lace bra.

But I was thinking of fucking Sude, and when she left, I immediately went after her and started hugging and kissing her from behind without waiting. Sude sister was telling me to stop, but I wasn’t like to listen at all, I wasn’t listening and I kept on kissing. I immediately took her to the bedroom and started sucking her nipples. After 10 minutes of sucking her boobs, I opened her pussy and started licking it and I put my dick in her pussy. Sude sister was moaning and she was starting to enjoy it. After fucking, we both ejaculated and took a shower, put the curtains together and went home. Sude sister keeps calling me when the house is empty and we are constantly having sex.

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