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I would like to tell you this incredible story that took place in Bursa about a month ago
I have a business of my own. There was an attractive 26-year-old lady named Necla who
worked for our accountant and who came to my office often for work
. At first I wasn’t interested, but I didn’t notice the mini skirt she wore in nice weather and
her beautiful body,
she started talking to me casually as I’m generally kind as
Although he knew that I usually work alone in the evenings, I
said I was alone and said I was waiting.
He came half an hour later.. when I opened the door, he was much more sexy,
wearing a stylish jacket with a white mini skirt underneath and a slightly low-cut top on
. Necla is actually a very sexy, 1.68 height and
50 kilos amazingly beautiful lady, but for some reason I didn’t notice her early
until today..
She came and sat on the seat next to me and we started talking nonsense.. She
said she was bored and came late to chat with me, by the
way, she gave me a free kick. It started, until that moment I was very calm and
talking about work, my concentration was lost and my eyes were closed to Necla.
It started to slide towards her pale white legs and between her legs. Even though I wanted to avoid my gaze , he would
give me more free kicks and open his legs and
tell me. When he saw the red color, mine started to get up slowly
, I changed my sitting position so that he wouldn’t see my dick that just got up,
but it didn’t go unnoticed by Necla, he opened the hem of his skirt a little more..
Now the arrow came out of the bow. He wanted to fuck himself with me. I left
myself..I returned to my normal position and my dick was at the level to burst
my pants..Now I was looking at his panties and my shield dick
and our words and conversations were getting less and less..Suddenly,
Necla said I didn’t think I would provoke it in such a short time..
that meant start.. I approached him right away and I clung to his lips, believe me
, we were kissing madly and passionately for 2-3 minutes without ever leaving.. I’m yours.. do whatever
you want.. he started talking to comfort me.. suddenly he took my zip
down and took my unsteady cock in his hand ohhh… that’s what
I’s so beautiful…so perfect…she started to say.. she immediately
took it in her mouth.. awesome’s like she doesn’t lick it..she
pulls it deep into her throat, releases it slowly and sucks it again .. while she continues to suck for a long time, I undress it and pull it out of her miniskirt . I started to lick her golden pussy.. between her legs was like water .. she started to moan while stroking her cunt with my hand.. her pussy was tight and with every touch ohhh…my man…ohhh..keep going.. by the way

I said I was going to ejaculate.. she accelerated and blew her mouth..
she licked all my sperm and all over my dick.. and I just started..
she said she’s going to enjoy this dick tonight.. she
got up again when mine started to lick it ready.. but I said it’s my turn. . i lay on the couch .. and undressed
.. her breasts were gorgeous .. groans increased when she
started kissing and licking her breasts .. and pressing my head and biting them she said .. i was flying now too .. my hand was in and out of my cunt with my lips on hers … and often ohhhh. .ohhh.. he was saying I’m ejaculating.. now he slid my head between his legs with his hands..awesome view..clean..not a single hair..and it’s narrow..I started to lick my tongue..

I was inserting it deep into her keyhole.. my love.. her tongue
is as beautiful as your dick.. she kept saying please.. but the smell of your pussy and running water
started to make my head dizzy and I was eating your cunt with a routine pace now..
it was the first time I saw such a thing.. I can’t stand it
anymore .. she was saying..but I
didn’t want to rush..what if my love stick your dick up to my bottom…she was moaning…
i started rubbing the tip of my dick.. but she quickly put her hand on her pussy’s
lips and slid herself towards
my dick.. i started to enter slowly.. now her moans have increased..what Fuck me until the morning.. I have
n’t been fucked so well.. Fuck me moans
increased my speed.. My pussy was like a hot volcano..
She wrapped her legs around my waist and I went inside her tight pussy for a long time
.. When I said I was going to ejaculate, she immediately took it out and popped it in her mouth
.. but it didn’t stop, she took it in her mouth and lifted it up.. I
sat on the chair and immediately got on top of me and I was massaging her tight pussy with my hand .. our lips came
together. ..and it started to go on me.. suddenly
stopped and tense.. started to squeeze my dick with his pussy..believe me,
it was the first time I experienced this..
I felt this heat for 1-2 minutes..his tight pussy gripped my cock so much..he said I was having the best
orgasm of my life .. I was rubbing her ass with my other hand.. and my dick
is still motionless in her tight pussy but I was
massaging her asshole with my hand…
and I was slowly pulling it out with my hand to widen his ass hole…
now his moans were so loud.. he suddenly got up
from my bag and took cream from his bag, he creamed both his ass and my dick and he got wrapped around the seat
and said I want it out of my ass
.. he said speed up.. I’ve had it before
.. this is another pleasure.. do I stop… I put it in slowly..
when it comes and go a little bit, a lopp sound came out.. now my dick was
deep in his ass.. I started to root quickly.. his moans provoked me even more..5
minutes I fucked her so much..but I couldn’t stand it..I burst in her ass..she
didn’t have the strength to hold it anymore..
we got dressed but my dick got up again.. she said I can’t stand it… she put her hands
in front of me, wrapped her arms around me and pulled the panties out from under her skirt and got in her cunt
again.. ohhh… sting it fast.. to the bottom of it.. I was fucking her
while holding her hips and making her go all the way down to the root.. she ejaculated but
I was continuing.. 3-4 minutes later, he took it in his mouth during ejaculation and
swallowed it all..
He said that he had sex for the first time in a year and it was worth it
. But it was the first time I had experienced such a thing..
the next day Necla was walking hard at work.. her friend was wormwood
. . When he pressed it, Neclada explained it to the ball. next
time i will tell my story with wormwood and necla..

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