Hi, I’m Osman, I just got married, but I got married a little late. I am 32
years old, my wife Songül was 19 years old, my uncle’s son Ahmet was also 19
years old, but he loved a girl. It has been a year since I married Arzu at the age of 18
. During the holiday , we went to the village, my uncle’s son came with his wife, we
visited in the evening, we sat at my uncles. The 18-year-old bride was at least 6-7 months pregnant, her belly was
swollen . He made a bed for both us and his uncle in the same room, side by side . By the way, what can I say, because I got married in an arranged way, because of my age and not being handsome, because I have a belly.

I can’t have much sex with my wife because of it. His uncle is also very handsome and has
an athletic body, and his wife is like a bomb, but even this state of being pregnant was attractive.
Anyway, my wife slept on my left, uncle slept on her right, so
since the beds were together, we slept on the side, in the middle of the night,
I heard a slight moaning and woke up, but first I didn’t open my eyes.
My Songül hugged me and grasped my dick, but when I
looked at her without knowing what’s going on, her uncle intervened (his wife must have put him in the toilet at night
), he placed the goods behind my chick from the back, and he goes back and forth
. Songul is pretending to be asleep, but he threw his ass back and
stuck it on Ahmet’s dick, as if my wife, Ahmet, is fucking.
she throws her ass back, pulls and dances. On the one hand, he stuck me and
my head on his chest so that I wouldn’t see it..
After a long time, my wife got bored with her moaning and finally they had an orgasm with their voices ohhhhhhh
and they fell asleep. Anyway, after an hour or two,
I got up and looked like I was going to the WC. Our lady’s panties are still grazed, but
my ass is soggy in the square. I
lay behind the 18-year-old Bride while I was sleeping because they had leaked anyway, I opened the quilt , I gently ran
my hand over her hips and belly, then I touched her breasts
, it was like stones, her nipples became sharper. i threw my hand through the panties to the
pussy i played with clitrois and pussy lips spitting my middle finger
I fucked her slowly. Sex stories came and went. After that, my pussy watered
, then the number of fingers increased to 2 and 3 Bride sweated and got soaked. He
came to the fullest extent, I already put my little one in his pussy. I was afraid because she was pregnant
and I fucked her slowly, but the bride must have
never eaten a cock during her pregnancy, I guess her pussy was burning, she started to moan
, she thought her husband was fucking her, she probably got her ass completely wrapped around me ,
I fucked her.. then I said whatever happens I watered it by stinging it and shoved
the finish in my
ass (they’ve obviously been fucked in the ass lately just in case the kid falls out)
. Then I got up and slept next to my wife. It’s morning everyone joy
We had breakfast in the night as if nothing had happened, and most of all
, my lady was smiling. Later that day we were going to
return to Ankara again, my wife insisted that I loved the village so much that we should stay for 2-3 more days
so that the taste would not be on my palate, and I accepted. That
afternoon, we went to the orchard field, my
foot sprained while I was running in the field, we picked some melons and watermelons, then we got hungry, Dayıoğlu said, “We
left our food in the shade in the creek, I’ll
come and get the food.” He said how will you bring my wife Ahmet alone and I’ll come too
, that’s what Ahmet wanted, anyway. Anyway, we waited with the bride, we waited
, ours somehow does not come out of the stream, then I went to the bottom of the stream.
I got off the tip and looked with my limp foot and what should I see as I expected
?? Ahmet takes our chick in his lap and fucks her.. Songül come on,
Ahmet, you have such a beautiful cock, Arzu is very lucky, my man
‘s is small. I don’t understand, he gets tired immediately, he says. And Ahmet
says you are very lucky from now on, I will fuck you until you are fed, don’t worry, he
says he will come to Ankara and fuck this beautiful pussy.. Songül said come on, my love
, we are late now, they will be wondering about us.. but Ahmet
says it’s not easy at night, but if you give it from behind He says I will cum,
my wife says no, I never gave it from behind. Just when I said my good wife didn’t fuck her ass
at least, Ahmet then gave his dick as if he was saying it’s over.
He took it out of the pussy.. Songül, come on, my love, please don’t leave it unfinished. When Ahmet
got angry, Songul said okay, I’ll do whatever you want
, fuck my mouth or my ass
. Then he put the rearing cock in
Songül’s ass and he fucked her
. Ahmet ejaculated immediately because my wife’s ass was so tight. When I took my eyes off them to see that they would come now
, I looked at our fresh Bride
and she watched it too. Then the Bride took my shield cock in her hand
, but now they come, I said, let’s not show anything and let’s get our
revenge on them at night.. Come on, she said okay. he said you will see.
I’ll tell you later about our revenge fuck with the pregnant bride??

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