esposaseroticas telegram

While Semih was talking, the subject was about sex, and I told him about my power, he couldn’t believe it, he
said, “I know, I fuck my wife at most 3 times.” He
asked me if I had a previous relationship, I said I’ll keep it with whomever I have a relationship with, and he said that
you don’t share with anyone that they have a very good relationship , he
went and told his wife .

His wife said that if you could be that strong in the heather, you would feed me well, the
room said, “Would you like to be Ercan’s wife, of course , he told all this
after our relationship in heather. One day, Semih Ercan said to come to us for dinner ,”
Sister-in-law said, “We’ll have nice meals in a glass or two,” I said, OK , I
went to dinner and had a beautiful flower made. When I got inside,
I gave it to the heather

Heather also said you were very kind, I couldn’t understand. We were both chatting
and drinking at dinner. I felt that the heather was doing something in my head and I
was drinking very little. Semihe got the phone call and said, Heather Ercan is
not a stranger, Ercan, you sit down, I’ll come in an hour.

I said sure, when Semih got up, I helped the heather and cleaned the table and we were sitting and
talking. He said when are you thinking of getting married, but on the other hand,
he kept his eyes on my dick, so I said whenever I found the right one
and we laughed, look, ercan said that the girl you will find should be able to stand you, how
did I say it?

Semih told me you are very hysterical and he said is it true I said I
can’t help it I said it is my strength but semihte said he has no power but I
was surprised and said let me dance of course he said take me to the dance tough guy
I understood what happened I put his body to the dance but he was
shaking I said why are you shaking

He said out of excitement, so I said leave it to me, as I licked his earlobes
, he immediately put his hand on my dick and I started to undress him ,
I slowly took off his panties with my mouth, I attacked his pussy, I said, wouldn’t it be a shame
, he knows what will happen, he said I wanted you so much, he
brought me empty

I got into her cunt with my tongue but how she was shaking we
made love until five in the morning the heather couldn’t stand anymore i said last time and i started licking her ass the cunt
‘s juice was dry and i started pumping then I took it out and pressed it
slowly on her ass it wouldn’t go in the heather’s eye was tearing

he was begging it hurts so much so calm down I thought it would go in I entered slowly
but the heather was still contracting I accelerated the movements the heather
just passed out aaaahhhhhhhh uuuuhhhhh i’m on fire hurry up aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
the moment he said i died

I put him in his bed and he didn’t have a fit while massaging Ercan
he said “I’m a victim” he said “I’m a victim” I said my dick woke up again
I said aaaaaa no let’s see when I looked wow how can we do it now I can’t do it
anymore I said empty it with your mouth when I put it in your mouth it was like my dick was on
fire and I ejaculated in his mouth at once and together we slept

In the morning, semih calls, heather, what happened, he
said, Ercan fucked me up and he woke me up, we had breakfast and I left,
maybe you may not believe my power.

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