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Hello, I’m Kerim, I wanted to share an incident that happened to me. We hadn’t seen my
step-sister for a long time, I started to forget her
, but after a long time, I was very surprised when I met her because
there was a perfect girl standing in front of me, she had a
bodysuit on, her breasts were completely blunt, a black skirt above the knee was beyond perfect, she
sees it as soon as i saw my organ started to rise, after a short conversation,
i invited him to my house for coffee, we
got on the bus together, the bus was packed, i took him in front of me, i started a little friction after the bus moved, i
was wondering how he would react, it was
like a stake, it was impossible not to feel the tool but as if
the room started rubbing against me as if he liked it my god his hips
were perfect he was going to tear my tool pants we came to the stop and
we went to the house without speaking I immediately stuck to his lips the room was crazy it was
incredible suddenly we were in bed naked I had a relationship
but I had never slept with someone with such a well-groomed perfect body I
was crazy I was licking him all over him He was begging me to come in his cunt’s juice
was empty I slowly put my dick in it it was perfect then
I did it after him we couldn’t get out of bed for 6 hours now I
want to see him again I will go to him on vacation and fuck him to the fullest

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