Now I’m going to tell you about an incident that gives me the fuck up every time I think of it.
We went to visit my uncles living in Antalya. It was the first time I
saw Zeynep like this. Because of the heat, she was wearing tight shorts and a loose V-neck
T-Shirt. That she was n’t wearing a bra was evident from the fond rush
of her breasts.
He was sitting right in front of me with his legs crossed . Because her shorts are tight, it sticks to her body, her pussy, her pussy
lips etc. It was obvious. I couldn’t help but stare too. He
caught me looking at his pussy for a while and smiled meaningfully . My dick was
like a pile… I went into the bathroom to take a bath on the 3rd day of our visit
. And what should I see? Zeynep’s panties are in the dirty laundry basket.
It was like she was winking at me. I took it and sniffed it, poured my
semen into her panties and said to myself, “I’m going to fuck you Zeynep”.
I came out of the bathroom, just as I was drying my balls in the room I was staying in, Zeynep came to
me and said, “She’s very small, I thought something” and
rubbed my dick for a while. Does mine behave, it’s like a pile again
. He left the room rubbing his cunt
. At the end of a week, our people decided to return home
. Even though Zeynep insisted that I would not send them, when she could not accept , I
got the message when she said, “At least Yusuf stays, and his vacation is about to end” and I said
, “Yes, I want to stay.” Fortunately, I had them accepted.
After saying goodbye, my uncle ate his dinner and went to
work because his lunch break was over. We were alone with Zeynep. She was wearing a skirt up to her knees and a sleeveless bodysuit that day. As
usual, her
nipples were visible because she did not have a bra. When I left, I
bursting with boredom. I don’t remember when she came out. Zeynep pushed me towards the bed and lay on top of me and started licking.

When he got on my dick, he looked at me and said, “Today you
will have the most perfect moments of your life.” He was giving a great blowjob.
After a while, I started licking him. He was moaning with every tongue
on his pussy. He took a deep “Ahh”. He was going
crazy as he went inside him, and the whole room was moaning with his screams. You
should have seen him when he was emptying. He was turning his head from side to side like a mad cow
. He was moaning, “My man, my lion, ohh”.
I filled my semen. He must have been unsaturated, ”
Don’t you want to enter from behind?” He said, “Wouldn’t I be okay baby, all your holes
I will fertilize today” I said. I remove the cream from the drawer, “There is not much hurt, but”
she said. “You hissetmiycek nothing at all to enjoy, do not worry” dedim.göt and
I went into my dick kremleyip suppress başladım.iç very, very deep
one “Ahh” çekti.göt the daracıktı.kıs time after visiting
my empty “We were just getting started, what happened?” he began saksoya.zeynep
revived my biliyordu.siki the business and “my ass exit the shredding
no” dedi.Bir times from grease in a way girdim. less than 25 minutes to go
geldim.zeynep like she regretted that too many times before boşalmıştı.az
“We also shoot and kill you ba “he said.” so tore course tracks such as ”
dedim.dudak after kissing my yapıştı.dakikalar think” that you are going to
We’ll do it every day until” and as he said, we fucked many times for 10 days
except weekends.

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