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It was the first years of our marriage and my wife and I were fucking like crazy at every opportunity.
It was Sunday and my wife told me she was going to wash the carpet in the bathroom. When she went into the bathroom to wash the carpet, I was smoking in
front of the TV. Once I got up from my place and went to the bedroom, I saw my wife Ayşe rub the carpet in a crooked state. That white fleshy pussy was visible from the side of her panties while she was rubbing the carpet, all of a sudden my dick turned into a stone and I wanted to fuck my wife, and I immediately took off her underwear from behind my wife and started licking her pussy, my wife liked it so much that she was tearing the carpet on the one hand and moaning with pleasure on the other hand. We’re 69 and my wife is on my pussy

He was getting into my wife’s mouth on my ski. We couldn’t take it anymore and my wife was moaning with pleasure while she held my dick and
placed it on her cunt lips, she took my dick
deep into her butt and jumped . Until that day, my wife was against getting fucked in her ass, because it was a sin , she suddenly said come on , I want the skik in my ass. started, strike again

When I did it, my wife’s head entered with the effect of the shampoo, my wife was crying out to me , it hurts so much, it hurts
, it hurts so much, she said,
she was pulling her hair out . .I still fuck my wife in the bathroom every chance I get

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