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My name is ebru, I am married for 3 years, I
work as a food engineer in a private company and I am 29 years old. yearly married joy 27 years old married for 2 years all three of us have a lesbian relationship and our spouses are not aware of this. Neither of us cheated on our spouses with a man until that day we were at dinner that day, the place we worked in has a cafeteria, we were planning our relationship today anyway we started work again joy hectic with us it came, do you know what happened of course

no, how do we know, someone new was hired yesterday, I was
passing by the door of the men’s restroom on the way to the toilet, his name was murat, the door was ajar and
I saw murati cleaning his dick, we laughed, he said that even his erect state was too
big, when I heard that, I realized that my legs were wet,
joy, I don’t know about you, but the second
penis I’ve seen in my life after my husband but I have never seen such a big thing in my life, including my husband, would you believe, I satisfied
myself by going to the toilet and dreaming of it?

We were surprised, in fact, I wanted to have a relationship with him or another
man even though I saw him, I realized that he wanted something like this in his elf,
I couldn’t sleep comfortably in my bed that night, I always
dreamed of such things, I didn’t even want to have sex with my wife that night, I took the bus to go to work the next day, and
after a while, muratta went to the service I got on and
sat in the back seat, I wanted to look at him and tell him I wanted him
, but I didn’t have the courage to do so, I thought of myself as a bitch, but the feeling of being
fucked with another man outweighed me. We arrived at the workplace,
went to my room, and after a while, Murat came to me with the manager,
hello Mrs. Ebru, Mr. Murat. our new friend will work with you
he said, my heart was going to stop, he almost sat on the table in front of me and I conveyed this news to the
others and they decided that it was my job and we all
decided to have group sex together with one or more men the next day
I wore my polka dot dress I had only a suspenders inside I was
sitting across from Murat and I was pulling my dress upwards Murat was
next to me He called me and asked me to help by showing some items on the computer
so I got up and went to him while telling him what happened, he
said marbling, your underwear is very beautiful, I was very red, I could not make my voice, I could not make out my voice, he
lowered the zipper and took his device out, my eyes
were bigger and thicker than your joy said, how do you like it?
He said, I couldn’t make a sound, come on, taste it, he said to me, come on, taste
it . he was stroking my cunt with his fingers, would you like to get inside soon he was saying do you want to get inside of me right away I took off my panties and opened my legs to sit on his lap and put his dick on my cunt and started to take it in. It had an amazing warmth and size .

I was biting my lips to avoid screaming. After a while I realized that I had an orgasm for the first time . How is it that your husband doesn’t fuck you like that, I said
yes, I broke my silence and said yes I was so bad he got me up
and started to get inside me again but neither the entrance
hurts me and the pleasure I get doubled i feel her veins
i was vacuuming her with my cunt she fucked me rudely it made me have an orgasm for the second time i felt her growing inside of me i could hardly keep myself
from screaming after a while her movements accelerated it was almost going to tear me apart it started to ejaculate so much that it hit my womb and i ejaculated for the third time under the influence of it

We got together and sat down. His and I had waters flowing from my cunt. It was the
first time I cheated on my husband with a man, but I never regretted it. The
pleasure I took made me forget a lot of things. Murat said how
did you like me, so I said yes, please don’t tell anyone about it
. He said that you can be sure that I will fuck you at every opportunity and I said that
you can make me my man whenever you want
and I told him that I have a surprise and I will
tell you about it in my next e -mail, see you soon.

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