Hello, I wanted to send
my story now
. I ejaculated in it and left it at the same place and came out. Everything started when my cousin won a university in bursa, my sister was staying in the dormitory and she was going to visit my aunt. Since there was no one else, we went to my aunts’ summer house in the evening. It was cold because it was winter. I was tired so I would go to sleep immediately.

He said let’s sleep together, you can’t feel cold, so I said okay and we went to the bed and
he was sleeping with his back turned, I couldn’t stand it after rubbing his ass, I couldn’t stand it anymore,
I grabbed it, he didn’t react, he froze on me, I started kissing his lips , he
was surprised and I started to respond….

He said I want you too, I started to peel off his nightgown. My aunt
came out faster than me, she was playing with my dick and she was bending down and licking like crazy,
I couldn’t stand it, obviously she was longing for the dick, now my aunt
was naked and ready, I opened her legs and I started to lick my hairy pussy
, it was like it was ready, it was like it was ready, I put my tight squeeze on her head slowly, I pushed
my aunt deep I was pumping it back and forth I was pumping back and forth at my aunt
she was squeezing me I wasn’t stopping I was about to burst I couldn’t
stand I ejaculated to the root of my pussy I didn’t know how to stop I turned her back
she said no it hurts when I said why I didn’t even give it to
I took it apart the hole came out like a pumpkin it was tiny by pressing her head my aunt was
saying ah ah I smelled it and when she entered my aunt screamed
I was trying to open it by
going i couldn’t stand it i ejaculated in his mouth he swallowed it all i put his
hairy cunt in my mouth i was slurping he ejaculated he
was relieved it was almost morning but we had no intention of stopping

I thought of my aunt’s panties, I took her panties after she ejaculated in her breasts and started to rub them on her breasts, I guess I got
puss because I ejaculated too much, I
saw it in the porn movie, the man was hot in the mouth of the wife she squeezed, I said to my aunt
, I’ll get a bite to her mouth, I said to my aunt, but I said I’d like to drink, I
was stuck because I
went to her mouth and started to pee, she drank it all, got up and had a drink of water He called me to the bathroom, now it’s your turn, he said, I was putting it in
my mouth and drinking his drink. That day, we just went to bed and
in the morning we went to my sister’s
. Saying okay to each other and pulling them inside my pants

I ejaculated and dressed it to my aunt

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