The terrace of a house. The house directly opposite has a roof at the same floor level. At home
, husband and wife are making love. The woman turned her back on her husband, while her husband plugged the
plug into the woman from behind, while he was stroking her breasts with his hands
between her legs. The groans were prolonged and the woman
said to her husband, “Come, come now.” Her husband was in a sweat.
-He’s not coming, he’s not coming, she said. in women
-of course not. “You can’t enjoy yourself when you can’t find that cleavage in me, your eyes are always on women who wear racy outfits out
there,” she said.
Husband also :
-you too, then the woman says
-yaa. Your fathers are downstairs, the neighbors here
know us as family and fanatics, how can I be, when the man says
He said, “My dear Aleyna, I will not allow it in this environment anyway. The woman said, ”
Look, husband, I’m your wife, I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy
.” The man said
– I want to see you as open and low-cut as possible. Deken cupped
his wife Aleyna’s legs between her legs and said, “Look, on the condition that you don’t
hide this either”. while the woman squirms with delight
the caress of her knuckles – not so much. If I show it, men won’t be comfortable and I’ll get in trouble
, when her husband Hakan said:
-As if no one had seen it until now. “As if no one saw
you when you were single,” he said. the woman too
-ee they could see but it was a problem because I comforted them
I was single back then, but now I’m a married woman , it’s
not appropriate for me to do such things anymore, when her husband
said – you were a virgin to me back then. Now give me pleasure, provoke
me, whatever you do, you are allowed, only my only condition is that no one around me should
understand. While these conversations were taking place, the performance of the hash was not enough
. He couldn’t be more relaxed. The woman was doing all sorts of
tricks on him, doing her best to provoke him. When she couldn’t make her husband happy , she said , ”
My husband, take me on a vacation in the summer . when she realized that her husband was excited again, she told him

– Husband, now I’m somewhere in the sea between the rocks and
you’re peeking from afar. In the meantime, a man came to me
and snuggled up to me when I was naked, and while I was staring at you, he told me to be whatever you
want him to do to me and do what my husband wants , and the
man got excited and started to love the woman more.
He began to go further down to kiss and suck her breasts. The woman
said with the pleasure of getting her husband excited
– come on, honey, when my husband comes to us where he does not want, you will go immediately
, according to him, now go as far as my husband wants. The man’s
excitement was growing. He parted her legs and kissed them.
The woman said ohh my little bird is being kissed while my husband peeps and the man gets
hotter. When I said to the man, come on, darling, do things that will please my husband
, the man got up and said, “Look, my bitch, your husband wants this from you
.” He settled down between his legs and started to fuck the woman. the woman said ohh
oh someone is banging me for the first time while my husband peeps. “Your husband will spy on
you more when you have this beauty and this bitch
,” the man said, and they made love until he was relieved.
Downstairs of Furniture Store: Hasan
was holding the accounting works of Hakan Bey’s company. When Hasan could not find anyone on the upper floor of the company, he
went downstairs. When he was going down the stairs, he wouldn’t see anyone there and he would go out.
Hearing a deep groan, he quietly went downstairs with curiosity. It was lunch
time. He moved towards the direction the voice came from. On the corner was the workers’ locker room
. It was a small wooden partition cabin. There was a gap of 15-20 cm from the bottom
. There the groans and groans continued. The woman inside said,
“What did you do, you made me dirty”. The man said quietly, “Oh, you’re so beautiful that I
couldn’t resist”. The woman said, “You tricked me into a kiss, and
when I let your hands go like an idiot, you started to fuck right away, I want to go out
.” The man said, “well, even if I quit, that little master inside you would n’t let go without feeling
relieved.” The woman said, “Well, it’s understood. You won’t leave me without relief
, let me at least give you pleasure so that it ends quickly or someone will come and
If she hears it, it will be very bad.” She curled up under the man and
started to make love to him. While making love, come on, darling, pump me up, fill me in” and
try to give pleasure to the man, and when he
looked through the keyhole in surprise, he
saw the lower parts of a woman with a white body. He had a great body. As the man
behind him pumped, the voices behind him sounded like a flush flush. Hassan almost
swallowed his tongue in surprise as he bent down and looked from the lower part of the cabinet .
Because the veiled wife of the boss he saw was the world. Her skirts
were pulled up to her waist, her blouse was pulled up to her throat, and her breasts
were being kneaded while someone was working behind her. The world says to the man, “Come on darling
find the bottom of me and blow me away, mashallah, that beautiful thing inside me is almost
twice as big and thick as my husband’s,” while the man
was trying to finish the job in sweat.
In the meantime, when the world was in a very tilted state, he had to look down,
and he realized that someone was looking at them from below, and he met someone’s
eye. He was surprised and embarrassed. He couldn’t understand who he was and
while he was trying to get over the man, the man didn’t let go by saying “my love is about to come” and
as he started to come inside the woman, Hasan immediately
pulled his head back and straightened up and went out again silently. As he was going out,
one of the apprentices was starting to come down the stairs.
Hasan had seen a magnificent sight. When the world foreman relaxed in it
recovered immediately. She gathered her skirt and straightened her blouse. When she said to the man, “Send whoever is inside
with an excuse, send him out immediately and I’ll get out of here in the meantime
“, when the man went out, he saw the apprentice wandering around
and sent him to buy cigarettes, and meanwhile, the world rushed out.
When Dünya came to her room, while she was busy with her work, Betül entered the room. When Betül
sees Dünya tired and depressed, she asks her confidant:
-What happened, girl, why are you upset, and the world
-today the foreman was going to leave the job? We had very urgent business orders.
Since we can’t make our orders without him, my husband go to me and
convince that foreman anyway, he was looking at you like he was going to eat you, did you wag a little tail?
When he said that he would be easily persuaded, I was going to persuade him
to a kiss as a bit of a tail, so the work went forward, he said. Betül, on the other hand, laughing
– oops, what an exciting job. What did she do, what did she do. When I said how far he had gone, I gave him the opportunity to kiss him while
the world was upset and his face was red
– he was depressed and crawling towards him
, then it went forward and he started to caress. I did not understand how it happened while I was kissing and stroking
my skirt and rummaging through my underwear . When she said it, Betül said to him , “I ‘m sorry, the girl has finally made you national, what were you looking for?” As for the world – actually I was satisfied with it, but after all, I am a woman full of desire even if I am closed.

When I asked if my husband was always going to finish with the wives, when Betül asked “eeeee”, the
world replied again, while the foreman was right inside
me, it turned out that the apprentice was peeking at us. Said. Betül
, on the other hand, was still laughing and said, “Oops, you’d say
. It doesn’t matter if you became a national, or if you conceded one more or one less goal.”
Betül when you say ” in the world ” but I’m still ashamed of myself. The girl said, “Why would you be ashamed
that your husband will bear the consequences if he allows you to wag your tail somehow,
but you are a very beautiful woman, enjoy your beauty
.” When the world asked her
– what are you doing, Betül said that, but
Hakan, the husband of the world, entered the room. Seeing Betül
– oooovv, Mrs. Betül said that you are making yourself miss and sat in front of her. While starting the ordinary conversation, he asked
the world when the task he gave to the world came to his mind – the foreman won’t quit his job, did you convince him, he said. Betülde laughed at him – the world just told me about that job, I think your foreman won’t go out of business anymore, as if he had convinced me. At that moment, the world turned red and went out to the kitchen to order tea. Betülde was right in front of the khan. While he was crossing his legs, he dispersed himself so much that Hakan was almost going into Betüle with his swallowing eyes . In the meantime, how did she convince him while talking about the world’s business?” Betüle asked. if it is

– Well, the world is a very beautiful lady. She knows her job both beautiful and smart, he said.
Later, the hakana
said that men can’t stand women who show beautiful women that they are beautiful.. She got up and went to the man.
He suddenly bent down, brought his hand to the man’s organ, cupped it and squeezed it , and said to the
– once they see beautiful women, they will be under their command immediately
, like this, his lips came closer to the man, and when he
stretched his lips, the lips came together. Before Hakan could understand what had happened, he
had found the betty in his lap. While the girl was unzipping her trousers, Hakan
– wait, the world will come now and if it’s betül
– I said the world is a smart girl. Let my sucker come and catch us in this environment
The world, who had come right in front of the door while saying peeps
, did not come in when he heard these words, but started to look through the doorway. Betül, on the other
hand, sat on the lap of the khan, pulling off her skirt all the way and pulling her
panties up to her knees. Hakan, on the other hand, as he pulled her with pleasure from Betül’s
uncovered waist, more things
started to escape into her. They made
love like that for a while. there was an image,
ehh Hakan, he evaluated that wonderful image by entering it.
While they were making love there again, an apprentice came to the
When the front of the apprentice, who was looking at the view inside with swallowing, straightened instantly
, the world took him in his palms and squeezed. The apprentice blushed and was surprised and
could not move. He liked the young boy’s upright thing in his world, so he crouched down
and started kissing and sucking and licking him.
While the apprentice was peeking at his boss through the doorway, his veiled wife was playing blowjob for him.
The apprentice couldn’t bear it, he held the world up by holding his seat, he stood up
, kissed her lips kissing her organ, turned the woman to her back and twisted her, then pulled the
woman’s skirt up. He spread the woman’s tiny weight to
the side and placed it behind the woman himself. While Hakan was still fucking
with betty, his wife turned the world over when he caught his eye in the doorway.
When he looked more carefully, he saw that the man behind him
was pulling him from his waist. While they were continuing their sex like this, their
accountant Hasan Bey was going to enter the accounting room again through the main door,
but when he saw the view in front of the door, he froze. The world was making love to someone bent in front of the door
, and her legs were spread out at the waist
He went out quietly , wondering why they weren’t coming in. In the meantime, Hakan finished his work and got
up from Betül and went out and
said to his wife – I’m looking at a bitch, don’t miss a chance. In the meantime, Betülde
came to them and took the arm of the khan
– but if my lover found a woman, how should you eat me if I don’t?
you did. He went to his room without saying anything.
Hasan’s house: Hasan told his wife of the evening about the incredible
relationships he had seen, and then he said, “Oh, I only
knew myself as perverted to fuck his wife, it turns out that Hakan was
able to be with two people very easily, just as he had his wife fucked in front of his eyes.
So now we can have my eyes on
It will sound light, but I was actually wondering about that skilful foreman.
If you were so curious when Hakan said, could you stand there alone
, his wife said, “Don’t worry, my dear. He said, ‘ What can this cynical wife do with this motherfucker
? Well done to Hasan, he went to my bitch wife
and said “Let the world teach you new whores” and
started making love to his wife again.
Furniture Store: The next day, he came to the room of the world against him. It was bigger than him
. He wore tight but tight clothing. While chatting with Dünya, when the girl said to him,
“What talents do you have, your brother Hasan couldn’t finish
it, how is the room?” he said. Aleyna told her what her husband had seen.
Especially when he talked about the big organ of the foreman in that lower cabin.
When I got curious and said let me see this, Hasan said to me that you can’t stand him that big , and
I said that I will endure your stubbornness, and the world
blushed with embarrassment. Aleyne ayol, however, will be ashamed,
send her foreman to our house so she can fix our bed, she always squeaks and
said something else. Let the world take care of it, but when I asked if your husband saw me yesterday
, aleyna said yes , you
even made eye contact with the foreman while he was flying you in the cabin.
In the world, I don’t believe it , was
he your husband? Aleyna, on the other hand, when Hasan
tells that your husband called you a bitch and that the apprentice fucked you next to him.
He started calling me a bitch, he said. The world won’t be like that,
I’ve made myself a bitch, what does it have to do with Aleyna when I say you are young , you are
beautiful, your husband knows, they are having fun while you are having fun . He greeted her and went right in front of her. While asking about the situation, she called the apprentice to tell him tea. While aleyna was covering her head, while Hakan was looking in, she pulled her long skirt up and spread her legs and crossed her legs.

she saw the hairs that were evident from the tulle pant inside. She said the tea, but she was
surprised how a normal indoor housewife could open it so much.
When Aleyna turned towards that direction while the tea was coming, she gave a clearer view to the
apprentice . After saying ” or ” she stopped laughing and then asked where is Hasan brother, when she went behind the khan in the world, she saw the hairy places inside the room made of tulle and Aleyna, on the other hand, Hasan Bey will come home late, there must be something of a womanizer.

He said that while we are having fun, we are waiting for him at home, but
when I find something to have fun at home, I will have fun. Laughing around the world, she said to her husband, dear aleyna
, go check your sister’s bed, maybe it won’t need repair, and
aleyna will not get bored, if necessary, have fun until her husband comes. Well, Mr. Hakan
said the world is very right, let’s go, he took the woman by the hand
and lifted her and they went together.

After a while, Hasan came to the same place. The world welcomed him with a smile.
Then Aleyna sister was here just now. They went home with Mr. Hakan. He said that your bed was
creaking, they would look at it and sat across from him.
“Why did you tell your wife what you saw here that I am disgraced, I wanted Hasan
to be a woman who knows how to take pleasure from every environment by showing you as an example
. ” When he opened the top buttons of his shirt in the world, the upper
parts of his breasts were revealed
. She said she had a spread against the apprentice next to my husband and
showed her everything from her tulle panties to her hair. Hasan
said that I wanted it to be like that. world but now your bed in your bedroom
When I said how can they control her squeaking with my husband, Hasan
came to the woman and put his hand on her neck and kissed her lips. Hasan said they should
check the bed, we will check the table, and he lifted the woman and
laid her on the table. The woman said ohh, any man other than my husband sees me since yesterday,
she’s taking me under, Hasan pulled her skirt around her waist, took off her
underpants, hugged between her legs, kissed and sucked, then took her front and
started to get inside. The same scene took place between Hasan’s wife, Aleyna,
and Hakan Bey, on the bed of Hassan at home.

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