Hi, I’m Vandan Gökan, I’m 1.67 tall, it’s not a story I’m going to tell, it’s a completely lived-in love. I got married
3 years ago at the age of 20. When I was single, my neighbor Ali’s wife, I always wanted to have a good taste, even when I took a bath in my mind, my only dream was to touch your gorgeous body. I put my mind to it and I was going to fuck it. I got married, but what ‘s the use of forgetting her ? I was passing by

Gökan called out. I’m sorry, no one is at home, can you help me lift the sofa, I will take the carpet out from under it. I took the opportunity and immediately said ok
. Their house was crowded but there was no one else but him. I went inside the bedroom
, we lifted the sofa, had fun removing the carpet and those gorgeous
breasts were right in front of me, I was focused on them. He suddenly looked at me and said “What are you looking at
?” I said, “Do you like it?” I said, ”
Who doesn’t like it?” I said, “Would you like to see it more clearly?” I said yes, my
God, what breast was she, she didn’t wear a
. i started boobs sucking her ends she was delightfully indulged
There was no escape now. I was going to fuck that woman I dreamed of
. After sucking my breasts well, I took off her dress in a hurry and took off
her dress at once. Only black panties were left at the bottom. After licking her belly button, it was time for
the honey box. her pussy smelled
so good, first I
ran my tongue on
her buzzard, then she opened it with her hands. I was putting her pussy inside my tongue and taking it out, mine was
so hard I was afraid for a moment I was afraid it would break, she said it was my turn and when she took off my sweatpants, she
just looked at my face and laughed .
I was squeezing it. After I licked it thoroughly, he came and sat on my lap, he
grabbed mine from the bottom and sat on top of it, and he took it in at once. I started
pumping from the bottom so much that I was hitting it like a machine, then
I got it bent from the back to the front, the bitch was slapping my ball from the bottom with her hand, which made me do it
I said I’ll do it first, and he agreed. He
had niwea hand cream in his room. After licking his ass hole, I rubbed the cream on my dick, and after rubbing it, I put his head on it. He started
to squeeze himself
. I got comfortable. It hurts at first, but then I said you will enjoy it.
He didn’t say anything. When he said slowly, he slipped into it as a lop.
I stopped for a while, then I started to
accelerate Thank you, you can do it whenever you want from now on, he said. Later, his uncle’s bride, Fatma, joined us.

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