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All of us spend our summers in America and throw ourselves into the beautiful bays of our
country. It is approximately 3 years like that.
We went to Bodrum to spend our vacation again this summer . Of course, we did a long
shopping before we came. Especially the short skirt and shorts that Demet bought turned me
on a lot and I knew that she bought them to wear on vacation.
She is a very beautiful girl… She is
25 years old and attractive and well-groomed enough to impress everyone around her
. Her height is 1.75m and her weight is 55.
I knew what would happen to us if she wore this skirt she bought, but I didn’t care, because that way
I would be free too.
We spent the first day of our holiday in the pool and at the sea. the youngest in the hotel
We were a couple and there was a German couple close to our age. There was
already a sound of ours and theirs in the pool. Others were having a completely peaceful
holiday, and sometimes they even
made us feel that they were complaining about our noise with their eyes. We didn’t care too much, in the end, it was
a holiday where we would take the tiredness out of a whole year. While we were at the pool,
the German boy told me
that our phone was ringing because we didn’t hear it.
I immediately got out of the pool and ran to the phone. After I finished speaking, I froze and thanked him
. We started to chat. The boy’s name is Mark, and the girl’s is
Julia. They were both very good looking. are they coming for the 2nd time
They love Turkey and Turkey very much. Mark was a tall, well-built
boy, and Julia was a really beautiful tall, brown-haired girl.
Demet came out of the pool and came to us. After chatting together
for a while, we continued to sunbathe.
I noticed the two of them watching us as I oiled the bundle as it lay face down
. They were still
watching us as she unhooked the top of her bikini and oiled her back, then I gently pulled the bottom of her bikini
inward, it was like a g-string. Demet slept like this for a long time. I
was watching Julia on the other hand, Mark was watching Demet without teasing.
Then we went to our room and took a shower together.
As soon as he got out, I sat Demet in front of the mirror and
started to lick her legs.
As always, I was asking questions. Questions like
how do you like it, do you want to lick another man’s cock while licking you
. Normally, he was always against group sex, but this time I was
surprised when he said I’d do anything that pleases you.
I thought he must be joking. But I liked it a lot.
I didn’t fuck him after licking him for a long time and turning him into his skin.
Because I wanted him to be so horny all night .
So click and see how many desires you have on all
night.`, CAPTION, `Search-Find Now`);” onmouseout=”return nd();”>
He would desire and we would be together like crazy at the end of the night.
He was so surprised when I left him midway and begged me to fuck him,
but I didn’t. It was around 8 o’clock when we got dressed and went down to the hotel dinner.
Our plan was to eat and go to Halicarnassus. After entering the dining hall and getting our
meals, the German couple
invited us to their table while we were looking for a place, and we accepted without hesitation. It was a fun meal.
Mark’s interest in Demet bothered me at first, but that’s how I
was interested in Julia.
When we finished our meal, we invited them to Halicarnassus .
The girls went to their rooms to change, we didn’t need it and
waited for them. Once Julia arrived, she was wearing jeans that fit very well and
She was wearing a strappy blouse and she looked very attractive, I already
complimented her as soon as I arrived. 5 minutes later, Demet came. She was wearing a denim
skirt she had just bought, which was just a mix.
She was wearing a blouse with a completely open back and naturally she was not wearing a bra.
His body, which had been lightly burned, was almost completely in the middle, he had also oiled himself
and shone like the sun in that dark night.
I got really excited and noticed that Mark was staring at him too . In my presence
, she told Demet how beautiful her legs and body in general were
. When I asked him why he was exaggerating so much on the way to the car, he replied, “I’m just
trying to please you, dear.” to the car
No matter how much he tried to collect while riding, the whole string was visible.
at least she was wearing something underneath. But when he looked at the transparent thin string a little
carefully, it showed all his amine and I knew that he had chosen it on purpose
. When we went to Halicarnassus, we
had to sit at the stands because we did not make a reservation. All eyes were on our table. Slight
bending of the bundle or being careless was enough to see her underweight.
Vodka-red bulls came one after another and it was over.
The alcohol was supposed to be combined with the dancing , and we went down to the floor. it was very crowded and even with that head I could understand that everyone
was watching Demet and trying to bump into her by mistake . How many people accidentally miss my

held my hand. Mark and Julia were also officially making love with us. I didn’t understand
how it happened all of a sudden, the four of us started dancing together. Demet
literally leaned her back on Mark, and Julia turned to me and
hugged me. I had a hard time not kissing Julia, but Demet
was leaning her hips against Mark’s thing as if I was giving it to her, and she was rubbing and smiling
while looking at me. When what was always in my fantasies came true
, at first I was weird, but then I liked it. Mark’s hands were
on Bunch’s legs and he was coming up slightly to her hips.
Julia, on the other hand, was extremely drunk and fainted and asked me to take her to the bathroom
. After waiting for him in the toilet, we returned to where we were sitting and Demet
she was still dancing and kissing with the boy. Yes, I couldn’t believe
they were kissing. After about 15 minutes they came to us. He came so innocently and
sat next to me, right in front of Mark.
While he was stroking her legs, he told himself that he wanted to return to the hotel. His excuse
is that we should get back before Julia gets much worse.
When we got in the car again, he said that he was very excited and tired while dancing on the track
, so I told him to take off his string and give it to me, and he took it off
without any objection.
He did his best to make it clear that he gave it to me .
He told me to go to the hotel and invite them to our room for a drink while I was making calculations that I would fuck him better than I’ve ever fucked
. its purpose was very clear.
I asked right away, Julia was completely ecstatic from the alcohol. Mark
said that they could not come in this state, and before I answered, Demet
asked Mark why he did not come alone. Surprised, he accepted. On the other hand,
he expected an affirmative gesture from me, so I repeated the invitation.
Demet went to our room, and I helped Mark carry Julia to their room
. As soon as I put Julia in bed, Mark
said he had to go into the bathroom and asked me to take off Julia’s clothes.
I completely undressed the girl, her breasts and her pussy looked gorgeous, what I wouldn’t give to fuck at that moment,
but the girl was sleeping soundly and
I knew well that a fuck like that would look like nothing.
When Mark came out of the bathroom, he was wearing nothing. He probably thought I was screwing his girlfriend
and was planning to join us, but was disappointed
. I thought my tool was big, about 18cm, but this
kid had a really good tool. It was one and a half times the width of mine
. I said that I went to our room and said that you are still invited
. He put on the shorts he wore in the pool during the day and
came after me.
When we entered the room, Demet was lying face down on the bed and her pussy
was completely in the middle as she had taken off her underwear. Even though I had Mark next to me, he never
broke down. I said that if you continue to stand like that, you
will piss off our guest too, and this time, he revealed his cunt. Foreign
When I asked if someone wanted me to lick you in front of him,
he gave a harsh answer as to what are you waiting for. Without stopping, I passed behind him and started licking
. I was so buried that I didn’t even
realize he was telling me something,
when I asked him what he said he told me he’s never seen it this big often, and when I turned my head, I took Mark’s
dick off and saw Demet only
half a meter tenth away.
He asked me if you want me to lick him … When I said how you want,
he attacked the boy with his mouth as if he had never seen it often in his life. The moment I saw this scene, I was empty. Normally , he would
take my cock until he smelled it, but he couldn’t get this cock, cabaliyo, cabaliyo could only last half a
He licked not only the boy’s dick, but also his cheeks and butthole.
The child did not have a single gram of feathers, and therefore, everywhere that the bundle licked, brightly
appeared. It was even older than the boy after he got out of the tight bathroom
, and I saw that Demet ejaculated while licking him. He rubbed that big hard all
over his cheeks, neck, breasts, as if he
wanted to feel it all over.
By the way, mine was up again and I fucked it up. He winced at my sting and
told you off tonight. Even that I liked
it, he said you can just put it in my mouth, when the name is finished. He was literally choking on his 28-29 cm tight dick to
get it all in his mouth, it was like he was going to suffocate. Obviously in a little
he couldn’t stand it and told her that he wanted to fuck her. Demet immediately lay on her back
and spread her legs.
I went to him to put it in his mouth and he said a second and didn’t
want me again. Amina was making the calculation of the boredom she would get. I’ve never seen her boobs so hard and her pussy
so wet. By the way, the boy told me that
she would be the most beautiful girl he would ever fuck in his life. While saying that, she was running her dick
on Amin. Bunch said come on and handed him the
dick. Mark was coming in slowly, the
Bunch was literally out of breath. Halfway through, the sheaf squeaked, so
Mark began to come and go, he wasn’t putting them all in, but
even that thickness was enough for the bundle. When a little more than half of the mark
the bunch squeaked, trembling. However, the boy had
not even started pumping yet. Demet was screaming every time she went deep
, and believe me, the whole hotel was moaning. Mark
started to fuck the bundle as fast as he put the quarter end of his dick in,
it was like a machine and meanwhile Demet twitched again and at this opportunity
Mark stuck his whole dick deep into Demet. And unbelievably, less than a
minute later, Demet emptied once again in a
way I had never seen in my life.
Now he was squeezing Demet very hard by inserting it all the way.
In less than 2 minutes, Mark officially ejaculated into Demet, screaming and twitching like a wild animal ,
Demet came once again with her ejaculation
inside. all the sperms were flowing from the
heart of the bunch and there was an incredible sound every time they came and
went. He was squeezing like a machine, as if he had never seen a woman in his life
. However, he also has a very beautiful girlfriend
, I thought why he was so few.
Demet wanted to get on top of it and they did so. This time, Demet
started to jump like crazy, Mark’s and still the
sperm of the previous post was flowing. She suddenly stopped and sighed, slid down
and started licking Mark’s cock again.
He cleaned up the sperm that flowed on Mark and remained in his dick. He climbed on top of her again
and began to hop astride.
I couldn’t stand this image either, I was waiting for Mark to get exhausted
and I’m fucking this beautiful body. For a while, when Bunch seemed to be cut off, although Mark was at
the bottom, he started hitting Deme so fast that
I couldn’t believe his speed. When the bunch asked me “do you see”, it emptied again, but the boy
did not cut it, he quickly squeezed it too. He suddenly pulled
his dick right in front of Demet’s face. He pumped his dick twice and emptied all his
sperm into Demet’s face. My girlfriend’s face turned white
. I just got in the act, it was unbelievably wet and sprawling,
Frankly, I didn’t even feel it, I
took my dick before it went back and forth 2 times and I emptied it in your face, while he was still licking Mark. They went into the bathroom together
and locked the door. They did not go out for at least
an hour with the sound of water. She was getting bored of the sounds inside the tub
, I guess her bundle, the laughs and screams never stopped. So I took Mark’s key
and went to their room. I emptied myself by touching Julia.
When I returned to the room, the two of them were just coming out of the bathroom. Demet still
couldn’t let go of his dick. That’s how they slept. what happened the next day? By the pool
, I’m not oiling Demet anymore, Mark is oiling and they are constantly
going to the room. Julia was a little more cautious. But the 2nd night with him
We were together when she and Mark were making love next to us. I understood why Mark went so mad when he saw Bundle
when I fucked his girlfriend

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