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My name is Claudia Brazilian married 45 years old 170 cm 57 kg short I am a woman with blond hair,
blue eyes, full breasts and a very beautiful body, my wife Alex Spanish is a very handsome and wonderful person. We have been
residing in Turkey for 5 years. thing happened in january of this year, it’s been 18 years since we got married Our sex life was a bit monotonous, my husband’s fantasies started about two years ago, he wanted to watch me fuck with a guy with a very big dick , at first I was very angry with my wife, he was repeating the same things every night while he was fucking me, every night As time passed, I started to like it too. Now I’m starting to dream of men with husband dicks while I’m fucking with my husband and

I was ejaculating a lot, we were drinking wine one evening after dinner, my husband
put in a porn CD, the artist in the movie had a huge cock, I
gathered all my courage and told my husband that I wanted to fuck with such a
big cock and watch how he took the huge cock in my pussy, suddenly
my husband’s face changed shape, I was so scared she jumped on me like animals she pulled my
blouse up she started kissing one of my breasts she
was stroking my other one with her hand my pussy was soaked she hadn’t
kissed my breasts like this in a long time i felt her hand go up from my calf to
my cunt she took off my weight and she started licking
my pussy like crazy I couldn’t stand it room
Without waiting, he shoved his dick into my pussy and started
making me moan. I ejaculated 3 times. I haven’t been bored like that in my marriage for a long time. My husband told me to sign up
on contact sites, we advertised on 4-5 Spanish sites
. More than 100 e-mails came, all of them had big dicks, but one of them
interested me a lot. 25 years old blonde big and a young man with a big dick. We wrote and
talked on the phone, we agreed to meet Luiz at our house in Spain on February 1st
. So I started to prepare myself, I took a nice bath, my
husband alex took the hair of my pussy, he oiled my whole body with fragrant cream
and then he wanted to fuck me but I didn’t let him
today I told Luize that I was getting ready and told him to think again later
A lot can change But she was determined she wanted to see me, I wore
a tight yellow sheer blouse that showed my big breasts sticking to my body
I wore a yellow tight super miniskirt again, I was
underpants and high heels, I looked in the mirror and I was very
attractive. At 19:00 his house rang the bell, Luiz came, we opened the door
It was unbelievable luiz was much more beautiful than the pictures Muntazan
was a strong young man with white teeth, fleshy lips, 1.90 cm athletic build, he had
a bouquet of white roses and a bottle of wine, I took it from him and placed it
on the table. We sat on the couch, trembling with excitement, we opened the wine and
drank my husband went to the kitchen to open the second wine, luiz wanted to kiss me
it started my cunt was soaked i took luiz to dance it was a slow dance
luiz pulled me to him and hugged my waist his legs were between my legs he put his
steel hard and thick dick over my trousers he put his hard and thick dick
on my calf i replied as if i was flying above the clouds he took off my blouse he hugged me and lay me on the table he ripped my skirt off he started kissing me all over at last he started licking my wet cunt he was moaning with pleasure he was sticking his tongue in and licking my cunt his tongue was almost the size of my husband’s cock i couldn’t stand it and i ejaculated in his mouth but he

she didn’t stop licking it didn’t stop soon she ejaculated again I got up and
pulled down her luizine pants and took off her panties it’s unbelievable I’ve
never seen this one even on elephants It’s as thick as a ½ lt Coco Cola bottle
and at least 27 cm I never
thought a man would have such a big dick cm at that moment I made eye contact with my husband I
completely forgot about him his eyes were shining, I was so embarrassed. my pussy
was too small for this cock, I took it in both my hands it didn’t fit, it was too thick I started to lick it
went down to his balls and licked his anus and took his big head a little
in my mouth luiz couldn’t stand it and it squirted hot in my mouth His sperm
slid down my throat I swallowed it all, I was so impressed with it I never did it to my husband Luiz
Husband put a condom on his dick and even he got in it hard I never had such a big cock in
my pussy, it’s the first time I saw such a big dick, he laid me on the couch
and opened my legs He got down on my knees and
started to brush my wet pussy with your huge dick It was so magnificent and I ejaculated,
he tried to put his cock in my pussy But it was impossible, it was too thick, My husband brought KY cream from our bedroom and I rubbed a lot of it
on his dick and on my cunt, he put his cock on my cunt and lightly put it in his head, but it was like he
was tearing my pussy it hurt so bad i started crying i saw
the stars minutes

He knew then he started to push me slowly and he got inside me,
when it came to the end, my guess was 20 minutes passed and he waited for a few more minutes inside, I
started to get used to it and now I was feeling less pain, the pain
turned into pleasure, he started to move his big cock inside me and I started to accompany him
, I was ejaculating as he puts it in and out. i didn’t ejaculate at the end he also ejaculated
and he took his big cock out of my pussy, his dick was still hard as a stone, it did n’t come down, he took the
condom out he got up, he crossed my back and put me on all fours

she put her husband’s cock in my pussy without a
condom I pushed my body towards Luiz I was feeling his balls hitting my ass He was touching my womb deep in my cock

It was left, it wouldn’t close And your warm sperm started to flow down my calf
Alex was watching I called and said it’s your turn I
opened my legs alex put his dick like a stone in my ass but in vain I
didn’t even feel it luizin’s cock made my ass out I couldn’t enjoy it luiz
stayed with us for 3 days and made me bleed we
meet every 15 days in spain but in turkey it is thick with a big dick, min.20 cm.
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