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Hello, I am a person living in Ankara and dealing with computers.
Since my house is far from the workplace, I stay at my uncle ‘s
. One day, after I came home from work
, I went to the bathroom when no one was home.
My aunt’s thin thong was standing among the dirty in the bathroom , I took it and sniffed it and hung up
. Then I ejaculated on the panties . Then
I forgot that I ejaculated on the panties and threw them back into the dirty. 5 days after the event
, when my aunt was alone at home, I went to sleep during the day and we
had installed one of the company at night, so I was going to sleep during the day. I went home
and was going to eat when I realized that my aunt was acting very different towards me.
I felt it. Anyway, I ate the food and lay down on the bed when my
aunt came up to me and asked me not to repeat what you did again, so I
said what are you talking about as if I didn’t know, after talking a bit, my aunt
went to work. The next day, when I woke up in the morning, I
saw that only my aunt was at home again. I told her I would go to the bathroom and she
said wait for me, I
get my things. I was going to do it by force. When my aunt came out of the bathroom, she
went to her room to leave the things in her room, so I went after her and told her that
she shouldn’t treat me like that.
gave. I was even more angry, whatever happened, it
was that moment . was human. I mean , he got very angry even when people talked disrespectfully to each other . Later, the sweatpants were very difficult, but I was able to take them off. She had a bodysuit and a thin thong on her, she was shouting at the last time if you don’t shut up I said I will do anything after this time I will kill you and she kept quiet I didn’t take off her panties because her thong is really tight

It gave another image. I lightly pulled the thong to the right and put my dick in
her hole, she couldn’t believe it, I tried to insert it, it was obvious, please don’t do it,
but it wouldn’t fit, it was impossible, I told
her I would buy cream and stay there. I couldn’t find any cream and I took her hair
care cream, I put it on my dick and on her ass, and she was crying and I was crying more and more
. now it was time I was going to sting him and tuck him in and
he was making a sound like i snuggled him now i
started to sting him slowly he was crying i was pushing a little bit more last time i got in and i was coming
and going he couldn’t shout but he was moaning ahhh

I ejaculated, all my pleasure was over, I realized what I was doing, I could
n’t believe it. I immediately got dressed and ran away from my uncle. i was waiting
but 1 day later my aunt called me that she couldn’t tell me to anyone and she
wanted me to go to her so i went it was daytime and she was alone at home again we sat and talked and
she said that she decided to have sex with me now i was very happy
right there for the first time it was really tight for the first time i put my cock in her tight cunt
she officially made me she was banging we ejaculated she told me she wanted to do it from behind but this
time she wanted it to be slow

we understood each other. I’ve been with my aunt for exactly 3 months, we were caught once
, but we survived. Currently, my aunt hamike is 1 month old, my uncle
thinks he is himself, if he decides to give birth, he will have a child with me.
Even if she gets pregnant or gives birth, I can’t live without fucking that ass, now
I know that

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