hi i am a d. arab from copper i want to tell you a real story that happened to
me my uncle went to jail it had been two years my sister-in-law
would always stay with us one day i came home from school and opened the door my aunt was alone at home she
was wearing white trousers and a turquoise bady my aunt lay
in front of the tv she also fell asleep and I was looking at her big ass and
stroking 22 tools my aunt was delirious in her sleep – come on, I couldn’t stand it too, I reached for my aunt’s
tight ass in white pants and just then
my aunt woke up and got angry with me she was shouting and screaming I was embarrassed too my aunt
followed me angrily He said and we went to the room where my parents were staying, my aunt
beat me by slapping me and I pretended to be unconscious.

i did it and auntie lay next to me and my son was delirious about what happened, so I took the opportunity to pull him under me and my aunt
take off her
sein. I
went inside and started to fuck him yange was groaning as he moaned I
liked it too and I fucked my aunt for two full hours and I
ejaculated inside her pussy and my aunt screamed and said oh my
god she gave me a cold bicvp because I didn’t take any dishonorable measures
I decided to fuck from behind but that’s sin
He didn’t let go because I had it so I turned him around with all my might and put him in the ass of my sumo
-ass yankee, the room shouted like this, ayyyyyyyy and
I went back and forth, he started to bleed into his narrow ass hole, but believe me he
was enjoying me more and after that day my aunt had twin
children Thank god my uncle also got out of prison the next day, now my aunt
‘s children from me, my uncle thought he was himself. His children named him
as a leaf and a man, and
if anyone wants to write to me about this subject.

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