Hello, I’m okan.. A few weeks ago, on a cold Wednesday morning,
I wanted such a scrambled egg for breakfast that I looked in the refrigerator and
there was no egg, so I just got dressed and
bought it at the market a few blocks down the street. I bought a box of eggs and a few
more pieces of breakfast from the aisles. When I came to the cashier to pay, a 38-40 year old lady
, who I guessed was around 38-40 years old, with big breasts, brown hair, full lips, and with all the lines of the
big and protruding ass in the sweatpants she was wearing, was passing her things. he was still struggling with the bags. As a gentleman, this

I could never remain indifferent, I immediately approached the woman and
asked if I could help her carry her bags, and she looked up and
looked into my eyes with a sweet smile. On a cold Wednesday morning,
half of the bags and half of the bags were already walking towards her
We arrived. After she walked in from the front and left her own bags, when she took the bags in my hand, I started rubbing my hands, which were numb from
the cold and lack of blood circulation .

It was a lavender scent. He invited me to the living room and sat me on a soft sofa and put
an embroidered pillow behind me. She was
a very friendly woman who really liked to serve. After 5-10 minutes, I thought that my tea was quite late, while the woman was holding many breakfast items
, including eggs with sausage. She came
in with a big tray filled with food.
While we were having breakfast together, she said that her name was Nermin, she
lost her husband in a traffic accident 4 years ago, she has a 24-year-old daughter, and
she divorced her husband last year and moved in with him, but she was
not at home because she was working.
He showed the way and went back to the kitchen himself.
it was really magnificent, the edges and middles of all towels were adorned with hand-embroidered lace
and ornaments, and they all
smelled like lavender. At that moment, I realized that the lavender scent I felt when I entered was
coming from the towels in the bathroom. He came . _ _ well into my eyes

Our faces were very close to each other while he
was describing the bowl as people trying to reach him, holding his fingers inside the coffee cup . And at that moment, we forgot what we were going to say and froze for a while. Nermin was the first to get out of her amazement. She squinted her eyes and slowly touched her full lips to mine, so I did n’t ignore it and started to suck those attractive lips with all my might. he doesn’t kiss me, moaning my dear man

was n’t
easy . _ They were almost begging. Before I licked Nermi’s breasts , I went from her neck to her armpits. Her slightly hairy armpits, which had obviously been shaved a few weeks ago , smelled like women. I inhaled the fragrant sweat of her armpits and licked her salty sweat and then thought I had neglected her gorgeous breasts too much.

I pulled Nermin’s bra off from the thinnest part..oh my god
, those two things that came out were so wonderfully created, without hesitation,
I took the marble-sized ends of her breasts into my mouth and started sucking them like hard candy . At one point, I was so ambitious that I wanted to put her right breast in my mouth, but in vain, I could only fit one-fifth of it . Then I reluctantly left the sweet breasts and stretched the buttermilk across the sofa and started to lick her fish belly like a child who has seen ice cream for the first time in her life.

Nermin was tensing her legs and body as she descended, trembling, who knows how many
orgasms she was experiencing. When I got down between her legs, her embroidered panties, which smelled like sweet,
were soaked from the pleasures she had experienced and her orgasms.
While I was pulling her panties down, the room slightly lifted her hips and helped me
. The scene that emerged was magnificent, like an armpit there. It was obvious that she was shaving her cunt a few
weeks ago, while I was licking her cunt hungrily , her cunt
hairs were sinking into my lips, with her plump and smooth legs
, she was squeezing my head with pleasure, almost putting me in a
vise and imprisoning me inside
her cunt. still
I was licking and swallowing all the pleasure liquids he secreted with appetite . Nermde
licks my cock with great appetite, but I guess because she did not lick the cock for a long time, it sometimes bit my dick and it hurt . We were both flying above the clouds .. there was only that moment for us, the rest was lies and empty.. Nermin When she was in the 69 position , she turned around and turned her face towards me. Now her cunt was on my dick, she was trembling with excitement, she was rubbing her cunt on my dick, she was pulling her cunt one by one, she couldn’t stand this situation for long, and she slowly sat down on my big and thick cock . started dancing.

she was reaching all the way to her places, she was making her mad with pleasure, while she was having the greatest happiness in the world on my dick ,
she did not neglect me, she put her
magnificent breasts in my mouth and licked them bloody . .I rooted my thick and veiny dick in Nermin’s pussy from behind so much that she screamed and pulled her nails into the carpet on the floor, and she even moved the fisco table on the carpet. While I was fucking Nermin’s pussy, I was sticking my finger in her ass and getting her black pearl used to the dick.

When she leaned her head into the tiny hole for her, the woman who had been docile until now
suddenly pulled my dick from there with her hand and put it back in her pussy. I
showed respect, thinking that she didn’t want this, and continued to fuck her pussy. Near to orgasm, I laid
Nermin on her back on the carpet and crossed between her legs,
throwing her gorgeous legs on my shoulder and putting her pussy to the present. I dipped my dick in the untouched
parts of it and took it out. When I realized that I was going to ejaculate, I spread both
my legs to the side and stood up on Nermin. Nermin
opened her mouth right under me and was waiting to not waste my
squirts. I aimed at Nermin’s mouth with my dick and ejaculated violently
.. I had the impression that I was watering with a garden hose.
Some of my semen found the target and poured into Nermin’s mouth, face and
neck, and the first sperm that came out with more pressure, missed the target
, splashed onto the carpet and the embroidered skirts of the sofa cover, spread the
dripping sperm on his body with his hand like suntan oil and
laughingly water me like this from now on, okay man She looked into my eyes
unconsciously and begged him. When
I asked why you didn’t fuck my ass while drinking a glass of orgasm coke after having a fuck,
I never fucked my ass with my husband, he died before I
could fuck him. Now I thought I would be unfair to him if I fucked you, and I agreed with him

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