Although my uncle is actually from Izmir, he is a bit too conservative.
However, he cannot break his two daughters Aysu and Ece in almost anything.
The more tolerant he is towards them , the more harsh and oppressive he is to his son Metin
After I made an agreement with an agency in Istanbul and worked here, my uncle’s
daughters came to Istanbul to visit once or twice, Metin also came
and I took them around here a lot…
Due to Ece’s interest in magazines, I left Reina in 4 days, went to Lila,
from there to Cilveliye and from there to Violinist. we stopped. By the way,
I was running out of money, of course. Anyway, I got them as soon as possible.
I got rid of it and sent it to Izmir. but on the
day they landed in
İzmir, my uncle called me and invited me to İzmir, by the
way, my uncle is quite wealthy… Since he had booked my ticket, I immediately went to İzmir by the first plane.
He told me that Ece had been crying since she came to Izmir and
that she did not want to live in Izmir. Aysu was also coy in the same way.
Uncle pull me away! He said, “You have a house there, let them stay with you for a month or two
, get their enthusiasm, then get bored,
I’ll send money.” I said it would be okay if Metin also came together. But
that Metin said he needed me and didn’t accept it.
I went to ECE (1.74, 52 Kg and blue eyes) and AYSU (1.70, 55 Hazel) the next day.
This time, I returned to Istanbul by bus to my home in Harbiye. Since I already have two
rooms, I gave them the back room. Since my bed was big, they could
both sleep together. I was going to sleep in my armchair in the other room.
I went out to do my business and came back early in the evening. My house
was more tidy and clean than ever, and the
girls even cooked …
I said let’s not go out the first evening and they agreed, Ece
is a pretty relaxed and spoiled
girl who was brought up as the youngest in the family . But she always manages her older sister Aysu with her intelligence. That evening,
we had lewd conversations, and then Ece
said she would go inside and wear something comfortable . When she came, she had a gypsy pink dress on her knees.
There was a nightgown, although I’m suffocating, I’m very strict on these issues.
I acted like it was normal. I don’t know what they talked about at home all day,
but when Aysu went and put on something lewd,
I sensed that something would happen.
They started kissing and caressing each other in front of me. This is despite the fact that I have seen Ece
and Aysu in bikinis countless times.
I was extremely aroused once and for all wherever her legs were visible. The girls
had exaggerated and left each other in their underwear. They
were making fun of me. But I was determined not to react at all, because I
knew exactly that the girls were both virgins and
If I did something to them that they wanted, it could be the end of me. I knew
that the girls were virgins from the way they talked to their friends . The girls were undressing each other and doing unbelievable things in front of me. They were trying to swallow each other’s genitals with their tongues pressed to their mouths . They both closed their eyes, as if locked in each other. I lost a few kilos as if I had melted where I was already . Then Ece suddenly pulled her face between Aysu’s legs and stared at me. Aysu also got up and came to the chair where I was sitting and got up on her knees. They both grabbed me by my belt and pulled me down from the seat.

On the one hand, I was saying “don’t be silly, girls” and on the other hand I was
waiting for what would happen. Every now and then my aunt and uncle were in front of my eyes.
But then I left myself to what would happen and my eyes were already
dark. Aysu was pressing on both my arms with her knees and
sitting on my chest telling me to lick her. When I took out my tongue and
started to lick Aysu’s love nest, I felt my
penis getting hot and even
burning as if it was held with a hot tongs. Ece was sucking my penis like a wild animal, biting and
hurting me. Aysu was so pressed against my throat that I
thought I was going to drown for a while. Like this to get more inside my tongue
I realized what he was doing and I
wanted to stick my tongue out and insert two fingers into Aysu’s Love Nest . But Aysu screamed a little and
shouted “I’m a virgin idiot” .
In the meantime, I ejaculated with a great start and
I saw Ece playing with my sperm between Aysu’s legs who got up . He was
pouring my sperm into my penis. Then he straightened up and was cross-legged. I set it up and
took Ece into my lap and sat her down, by the way, my penis was behind Ece’s butt.
Aysu lay down on the floor and began
to stimulate my penis, then took it in her mouth and revived it with great kindness and tenderness.
I thought two of the girls would have had enough of that. But Aysu
told Ece in my lap to stand up. Ece got up for me
Love Nest. she was breastfeeding.
There were enough drops of sex to feed a baby easily from the love nest , and I was
hungrily sucking the drops of this love nest that no man had entered before, my tongue
went numb and I don’t feel it anymore.
While I was taking care of Ece’s very yellow love nest , I
felt a weight on my penis, and then the weight
combined with a great warmth. With great dexterity, Aysu sat on my lap while I was licking Ece and sucked
the large, slippery body of my penis into the anus. However , we
were in this state because Aysu could
not move because of Ece’s legs, I felt that my penis was about to go mad. Aysu grabbed Ece
by her legs and pulled her in front of her and said, “Watch it now”.
Aysu was rising and falling in my lap with groans and shouts. . Then
he sat on my lap and started making circles on my penis with his butt.
This was the moment that killed me. Just when I was about to ejaculate, he got up from my lap and
started to squeeze my penis with his hand. I couldn’t ejaculate. My penis
lost its hardness a little. It turns out that I told Aysu that I was going to ejaculate. Later, Aysu
brought my unejaculated penis to its former hardness with her tongue and grabbed Ece’s
arm and pulled. Ece said, “I don’t want that,” but Aysu was
Ece wanted to have sex with me normally from the Love Nest, but since
they were discussing this more delicately, Aysu would not allow it and would not allow it. I
made an eye sign for Ece and lay down on the ground and pulled Aysu up to my chest.
I sat it on me The love nest was touching my chin and I started licking it
sucking, biting and pulling a small piece of it from the side and sucking it again
. Meanwhile, Ece
lubricated my penis, which was still not ejaculated, with her saliva. Aysu was ecstatic.
His head was thrown back and his eyes were closed. Her hair was touching my stomach.
I was waiting for Ece with all my attention. Ece started to sit on my crimson penis
, taking it inside the Love nest. Small
one. When the voice “Ah” was heard, Aysu opened her eyes and
shouted, “Ece, what are you doing?” At this moment, Ece put all her weight on me and sat
on my penis with a big shout and scream .

There was wild madness in her eyes, fear and anger in Aysu’s.
It was obvious that Ece was hurting. It was so narrow, Love Nest, my
penis was hurting, Aysu understood that I was going to ejaculate, she
was trying to pull Ece out of my lap, but I couldn’t control myself and I
ejaculated into Ece with a big “Ah” sound. Aysu said, “Are you a maniac?
” Ece was laughing. “Girl, forget about it anyway
, what’s wrong with Burak?” he shouted to Aysu.
What Aysu was angry about was that Ece didn’t keep her word. When I said I can’t have sex for two days anymore
, Aysu Ece wiped
my penis, which was a wreck, with a cologne handkerchief, and started sucking it.

It had only been a few minutes that I saw my penis getting bigger again . Ece took the remote control of the television and was changing the channel.
Aysu then put a condom on my penis, which was well up,
and lay down on the floor and pulled me from my hands and took me on it.
He had his knees bent at my sides. I said “You take it” and he
started to take my penis softly into the Love Nest. On my stomach were the watery and bloody drops of love left over from Ece’s deteriorated
virginity. When Aysu
took me in, she wrapped her legs around my waist and started to squeeze me. The stupid
girl was screaming in pain and squeezing me in even more.
I don’t know if it is the condom that Aysu wears.
I couldn’t ejaculate and Aysu got up and sat on me when she had orgasm. We just sat there for a while
and started talking. Aysu was bleeding more. When I went into the bathroom
, I had the virgin blood of the two girls in my groin and
the semen and love fluids from their moments of pleasure…The girls still stay with me

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