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. Hello, I’m Nilay. I am a 22 years old, 1.72 height, 58 kilos, brunette and very beautiful girl. My current father (stepfather) had a son from his previous marriage, and when his wife died, he was left alone with a 4-year-old child. Even when my stepfather became a rich man, my grandparents said that this fortune would not be missed and gave my mother to him. There is a 10 year age difference between my mom and my stepdad. Later, my mother got pregnant with me and gave birth to me, she took care of me and the other child (my brother) at the same time, and she did not look for motherlessness at all. My brother has always shown respect and love to both me and my mother, and has always protected us. My brother had taken me under his protection so much that he would interfere with what I was wearing and would follow me like a shadow. In fact, it was my older brother who refused to let me give the 2 children who came to ask for me.

Two years ago, while I was cleaning my brother’s room, I was shocked to see my thong panties (which I wore and threw in his dirty basket) under my brother’s pillow. Although I could not make sense of my brother’s behavior, I left my panties as I found them under the pillow. When my best friend Nermine told this, Nermin said, “Girl, either your brother has an eye for you or he has a weakness for women’s underwear!” he said. Nermi also had her eye on my brother and was constantly saying, “Set your brother for me, I want to fuck him!” he kept saying. My brother was very handsome, large and had a charismatic structure. All the girls in the neighborhood were sick, my brother. Nermin said, “Girl, be careful not to let your brother fuck you!” and I thought to him, and I said to him, “Girl, don’t say such things!” I was angry.

A week had passed since this incident, and my mother and father had gone to the village. They would stay in the village for 3-4 months during the summer, and my brother would look after the workplace. We were alone at home with my sister. My brother still treats me with affection and protection as usual, but I was always distant and cold towards him. My brother asks me the reason for this, I say, “Nothing bro!” I was passing it off. I woke up one morning and was going to the bathroom when I met my brother in the hallway. On me, on my nightgown, there were only panties. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the front was so puffy. We passed without breaking our agitation. It was Sunday and my brother wasn’t going to work. Anyway, I prepared breakfast and we had breakfast together. My brother was in front of the computer in the living room, I washed the dishes and tidied the house. While tidying my brother’s room, there was another panty that I used this time under his pillow. I didn’t touch it, I came in and didn’t say anything again.

Then I took my shower and got dressed. I wore a short sleeved bodysuit and black tight skirt that day. My brother said, “Are you going to go somewhere?” said. “No bro, I’m at home, where should I go?” I said. My brother said, “I can take you to the cinema if you want!” said. And I said, “No, let’s not go, let’s stay at home.” I said. My brother said, “Well then, let’s make a good tea and drink it!” said. I brewed the tea and brought it. After drinking the pleasure tea, my brother said that he would take a bath and that I should prepare the bath. I went and prepared the bathroom and came and said, “The bathroom is ready bro!” I said. My brother went to the bathroom, 10-15 minutes later, “Nilay!” he called. I went to the front of the bathroom, “Here you go bro?” I said. My brother said, “Come, put a pouch on my back!” said. At first I hesitated, not wanting to go to the bathroom. But I thought that if I didn’t enter, my brother would be offended by me and said, “Okay, I’m coming!” I said…

When I entered the bathroom, my brother was sitting on the stool inside, covering his front with his hands. We turned off the water, I took the bag in my hand and started to cut my brother’s back. But no lie, my eyes were always between the legs. His hands were barely covering his dick. At one point, when he took his hands off, I saw his dick fully for the first time, it was something very thick, big and pile-like. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. “Brother, what are you doing, turn it off!” I said. He didn’t say anything and hung up again with his hands. After a while, my brother withdrew his hand again. “Brother, can you please turn it off!” I said. “Girl, why should I close it, you’ve already seen it!” said and did not hang up. By the way, I was also very wet, my bady was stuck to my breasts, and I was in a provocative state. My brother’s cock was so hard and lifted that it was touching his belly. When my brother put his hand on my leg under my skirt, “Brother, what are you doing? We are brothers!” I stepped back. My brother stood up and said, “Yes, we are like brothers, but I am in love with you, I love you and I desire you terribly!” said.

“No brother, sin, we don’t fall for each other, if anyone hears, we can’t look at anyone’s face!” I said. My brother approached me, cupped my cheeks with both hands, “I don’t care, even if it’s death at the end of it, it’s worth dying for you!” he said and kissed my forehead. His dick was touching my belly when he kissed me. “Brother, please don’t touch me, I’ll arrange for you Nermini if ​​you want!” I said. “Girl, I want you, not Nermini, if I wanted her I would have fucked her already, you know that very well!” and pulled me closer to him. I hesitated whether to resist or not. He put his hand behind me and cupped my hips and kissed my lips. I did not respond. He kissed her again and pressed her firmly against himself. “Brother, please don’t do it!” I was saying, but my brother was not listening, he was kissing my lips more passionately…

Then he took me in his arms and carried me to my parents’ bedroom and laid me on the bed. I wasn’t quite sure if he was going to fuck me or not. Still, “Brother okay whatever you do, but don’t touch my maiden!” I said. “Okay, don’t be afraid, I won’t spoil your maidenhood!” he said and started to undress me. He took off my panties in pieces and put them to the side, sniffing. Then he bent over my pussy, he was licking my pussy like crazy. I liked it very much when he licked my pussy, soon I couldn’t help myself and ejaculated in my brother’s mouth. He even licked my pussy juices. Then, “Come on, lick mine!” he put his dick in my mouth. I started to lick it, albeit a little hesitantly, but his cock didn’t fit in my mouth. Before I knew what it was, it squirted out into my mouth. Whether I wanted to or not, I had swallowed most of their offspring. After I wiped what was overflowing from my mouth with my panties, he lay down next to me and started sucking my breasts…

I both liked it very much, and said, “Brother, what we did is very wrong, I am very ashamed, I feel guilty, we have sinned!” I was saying. And my brother said, “Don’t think about it, my love, I love you so much!” he said, taking me over. His cock wasn’t up at that moment, but when he moved me back and forth on him, it immediately started to harden, suddenly like a stake again. He slid it between my pussy’s lips without sticking it in my pussy. Then we went to position 69 and he was licking my cunt while I was licking his dick. While licking my pussy, he was stroking my butthole. I was going crazy with pleasure and my pussy was soggy again. Then he suddenly straightened himself up, laid me on my back, spread my legs apart and brought his cock to my pussy. Pushing from his chest, “Brother, please don’t bite!” I said. “No, I will not sting, I will just touch the tip!” she said.

I could die of fear and excitement the moment he shoved the tip of his dick an inch into my pussy. Actually, I really wanted him to sting, but for some reason, I immediately grabbed his dick and grabbed it and prevented him from stinging any more. My brother had such a look in my eyes that he said, ‘Please, let me get in the way!’ It was a kind of pleading look. Leaning over me and kissing my nose, lips and ear, he said, “I love you my love and I want you to be my wife!” when he said, now I lowered the sails into the water and said, “Everything is free to you, brother!” I said, pulling my hand away from his dick. “Thank you very much, my dear wife!” he said and slowly inserted half of his dick into my ass. “Slow down please, it hurts so much!” I said. He stopped, continued the sting after a few seconds. Although my cunt was very slippery, he had a hard time getting a cock, I think it was against my hymen. It hurt as I strained to pierce my membrane. The last time it was uploaded

Even though I was crying now, there was nothing to do, my brother and I fucked like crazy. It was all because I wanted it. What we did wasn’t right, but we couldn’t resist the irresistible pleasure of fucking. From that day on, we had the most beautiful and most enjoyable sex and fucking with my brother, until my mother caught us…

I kissed you all!

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