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I have a friend who I have been friends with for about 13 years. I made this Decoupled between him and his girlfriend six years ago. They recently broke up. But when I gave it to that asshole Ethem, they weren’t separate. Every time I look at her face, the fact that this fact comes to mind makes me so tired that I can’t explain it. Now I wanted to share the Sexs Story here in case it might lighten the burden on me a little. I officially gave the child to them for the second time in the six years they were together, about two, three years Dec. We met alone twice, and we fucked on both of them as if we were both waiting for our opportunity.

I was so angry with myself and I couldn’t make sense of it. Because I’ve never desired him, I’ve never waited a moment to be together. But the next thing I know, I gave it not once, but twice. Once, things were bad between them, and Dec wanted to meet me and have a problem. Berfin wanted to leave him, but he did not want to leave. It was very upsetting for Ethem to constantly experience the discussion of this. At that time, they had only been lovers for two years. Ethem really loved Berfin too much, and I accepted his offer to meet because I was upset with him.

There was a place we all went to all the time. He wanted to go there and drink, he insisted when I didn’t want to drink. The bottle is finished, this said a new one. Necessarily, he was trying to like drink, accompany me. Tuesday was the last time I let myself go and started drinking. After a while, he was telling me about what happened to him in the past, his love for Berfin and so on. I’ve listened to a lot of Sex Stories about him, and his sadness has made me very sad too. He seemed really sincere in his love for Berfin. Anyway, we sat for a long time, and when we got pretty high, I started opening up about other topics and started cutting up a boy at the next table.

Then I went to the bathroom, I came out just as the boy was at the door and he said ‘Hello’ to me. Without my saying, the operator of the place ended up there. ‘We don’t like this kind of thing here, if you’re going to talk, sit down and talk at the table,’ he said. The man left without stopping to say ’what’s relevant’ or something. Then I got very angry and wanted to go to Ethem. It turned out that the operator of that place was also very friendly with Ethem, I didn’t know. While paying this bill, the man told her ’Your boyfriend was talking to the boy at the next table in front of the toilet’. ‘I know he’s talking in the room, but he’s not my boyfriend, whatever, it’s okay,’ he said.

These things happen to me all the time anyway. I left the place before I could meet the boy. I was very high, come to me, let’s go. He said we’ll sit down and have a little more conversation or something, you can stay at my place. At first, something told me not to go or something. I told cart curt not to come, I’m going to work tomorrow, but he was being very insistent. So I finally agreed. I went to his house, there was already a lot of alcohol in his house. He had a lot of alcohol. We opened a tequila, we started shooting shots. We were laughing and having fun with Sex Stories, we gave a sound to the music, we danced together. ‘Berfin doesn’t drink at all, he doesn’t have fun with me like that,’ he said or something like that. ’That’s his temperament, what can I say‘ or something like that, and he said ’Never mind anyway’. Meanwhile, she clung to my lips as she turned me in her arms and gently laid me down.

I was in a dancing position with her lips on my lips like that before. Then I couldn’t stand it and I fought back. I was so high that I didn’t even properly realize what I was doing. It’s starting to become an incredibly arousing kiss. We got into a standing position and continued kissing. He took off my T-shirt, undressed me fast, sucked my neck, stroked my breasts. So I was robbing him fast and fast. When I was completely naked, he started stroking my breasts and thighs, going back and forth between them. Dec. He was stroking it with an incredible appetite.

Everything was perfect at that moment, except that I was sleeping with my friend’s girlfriend. I was so horny and I wanted him so much. The fact that he was kissing my lips brutally and very horny was also proof of his horny nature. While we were kissing like crazy with a big appetite, he suddenly took me back and sat me down on the seat. He lifted my legs up on the seat, made my knees bend, and started to hold my cunt by the side of my hips and squatting down, literally licking my pussy like a place. He was sucking with such a great appetite that I put his head against my pussy and enjoyed the mouth in my pussy with moans. I was enjoying it incredibly.

Then I wanted to lick his cock as soon as possible. But I wanted it with such a frenzy that I can’t explain it. I pushed him to lick all over, to sulk. He fell on the carpet in an instant. I think Sexs was very carried away by the story and wasn’t expecting my move at that moment. Then I immediately crossed over from that carpet without getting up and started taking his cock in my mouth. But not at all with such a gentle gentle licking accompaniment or anything like that. I was sucking hard on my mouth in a very horny way, just up to the root. I was taking it in and out of my mouth as if it was going in and out of my pussy up to the root. Then I sat on it horny and fucked myself by rubbing it fast, accompanied by kissing like crazy.

I was incredibly horny and I was getting great pleasure from licking all over her. I was biting her lips, kissing her neck, licking her face. I was incredibly pissed off. Officially, the waters of my pussy were flowing around his cock while he was on it, and from there it was floating into his crotch. I could totally feel it. He picked me up on his lap in an instant and took me to the bedroom with his cock in my pussy. He put me to bed directly without ever leaving my pussy and started fucking my pussy by rooting to the end. He looked like he was trying to fucking bury me in bed.

I can’t even describe to you the pleasure I got. He started sucking my tits while he was fucking my pussy with his bottom. When I grabbed her head and pressed her to my breast with one hand, she started biting and sucking. I was pulling myself by putting my nails on her thighs with my other hand. Then he backed away and continued to take my legs on his shoulders and fuck me. I had an incredibly great pleasure and it became even more beautiful with the contraction of my pussy. Then he suddenly turned over on the bed. Here was my favorite position coming up. I was lying completely face down on the bed, and he was rooting on my pussy from behind.

He was kissing my neck, my shoulders, he was sucking my lips with my head turned towards him. As she was rooted to my pussy, it was like I was sliding back and forth in bed. This gave the bed a Sex Story that felt like my clitoris was rubbing. I got wetter and wetter as I got wetter, and I got really horny under the influence of this friction. As soon as I couldn’t stand it and started ejaculating, my voice got louder. When the room realized that I was going to scream a lot, I turned my face to the bed and pressed my head down hard. I literally came out trembling with great pleasure, moaning towards the bed in my voice.

This pleasure I got was something incredible. Then he turned me on my back so that he could see my face again, and he separated my legs and got inside me. He started kissing my lips. He was looking very romantic, looking into my eyes, kissing me, stroking my face, and began to move in and out of my pussy with such harmonious slowness. Now that I was cumming, this state of it seemed meaningless to me, and I was realizing who was fucking me. When I came out, my state of well-being had also passed.

But I couldn’t be selfish at that moment and accompanied him by making movements as if I was enjoying his ejaculation. What had happened had happened. I looked into his eyes, grabbed him by the hips and pulled him to me. I kissed her with the same request, ‘I want a Sex Story to come into, Alara,’ she said. I said ‘Come’ and he moaned slightly and kissed my lips for a long time and slowly emptied all his sperm into me. Then I took forty somersaults for exactly two years so that I would never face him again, and then we slept together again until two or three years later. Maybe I’ll write this to you some other time now.

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