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My wife and I have been married for 3 years. We have experienced many events. my wife fish
meat is quite sexy, curvy person. Since we got married, we have
been able to do everything with each other in our sex life.
My wife loves to watch porn movies . One day, while we were watching a movie together again, he told me that he
felt something strange about himself, and he came and took my dick and started rubbing his cunt
. I was lying face down
watching him rub his cunt on me and suddenly he said he wanted a dick in his mouth at the same time and were you
She asked. I told him he could do whatever he wanted. That summer , we were
invited to a wedding in a black sea village. In the beginning everything was normal. But on the wedding
night, my wife wore a sexy black mini dress over it. Dress
It was quite narrow and short. Food was eaten and drinks were drunk. my wife was secretly
drinking vodka in a coke. That’s when he found his head.
And he started playing like everyone else . As she twisted her dress, which was already tight and short, stuck to her
legs and pulled upwards. So the night passed between my wife and
the abusive eyes staring at her.
The night is over, everyone dispersed, we got up and
started walking towards our accommodation. A car stopped on the way and said he could pick us up, and we got in the
car. when my wife sat down, her legs again
turned out to be a beautiful sight all the way up to the top. The eyes of the 18-year-old sitting next to him
were constantly on him. Besides us, three other 18-year-olds in the car.
there was. Then the driver said that they were hungry because of the bad drink and food at the wedding, and they went
to the nearby town to eat
. Of course he invited.
We said we might as well and set off. Chatting on the way they said that my wife played wonderfully with exquisite
figures and that all the men in the village were absolutely
horny and that they were all either with their women or
they just imagined a woman like my wife, as
they had just done. Later, the car stopped in front of a weak light,
they said there is a lot to town, let’s have dinner here, and we went inside.
About 20 men were sitting inside, drinking. we sat down and
We started to sip our drinks. One of the young people got up and
said something to the person in charge and sat down. Soon a playful music
began to be heard.
And we all got up together. My wife was overjoyed and everything was
developing out of my control. Then one of the young people told me that
they wanted to buy a house in the city we were in and wanted to talk about it, and we
sat down with him. Everyone sitting in the restaurant got up to play, the floor was filled with men.
I could no longer see my wife. They were playing around with them. I
couldn’t say anything because I was afraid. About an hour later, the young man
told me that he wanted to play and got up. After a while, I
did too.
I didn’t want to believe what I saw, my wife was crawling naked in the middle and
licking the dicks of the men who were in circles, sucking and stroking, and one
person was giving orders with a gun to her head. Then they saw me and
made me sit in the middle and started to watch. There was nothing to do. They were making me say words that I wanted her to insult my
wife and enjoy her dicks that she’s a bitch . The sucking part was over and they wanted my wife to come and suck my cock in front of me, we desperately did what they said. my wife really sucked my dick so she was happy and 20 people got in line and started fucking my wife’s cunt and ass. my wife was screaming horny and the last one

After the person, they wanted me to fuck my wife and they watched. When I
said it’s over, they said that it turned them on even more and started a new tour
. In the end, they told us to come whenever they wanted and left us
. now my wife and i
keep taking long trips at least 3 times a year knowing how to fuck my wife

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