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Friends, I am Serkan from adana, I am 24 years old, the story I will tell you is
completely true.
In 2011, I was working as a salesperson in x company in the corn bazaar of Adana . At that time,
we had a very nice cashier who had just started working, her name was Yasemin, and when I looked at this, I was
storming inside, but she was completely unaware of my interest in her.

By the way, I had an ongoing relationship with my colleague Murat’s wife Sevila. Since her husband
was working as a switchboard installer in the company I worked for, he used to
go home late most days and neglected his wife very much.
I don’t want to give you a headache by telling you how our relationship started.

Our relationship had been going on for about 6 months, of course, since she visits her husband a lot
. naturally, she soon
established her intimacy with the other staff, but the fact that she was more interested in me
attracted the attention of our cashier jasmine. I had this cashier in my head once
and I am someone who has made it a principle for myself to do what I said.

this was following me after work for a while and waiting for me to leave in front of the building I entered . At that time
, when I saw that Sevilay was drawing the curtains on the window on the 2nd floor of the building, I understood the situation more or less, and the next day, when he asked me if
we could go to a cafe with you in the evening,
I said I would too, and when we went to the cafe in the evening and sat down. The first
word he said to me was this. Whatever I say to you, but you will
listen to me until the end, when I said OK, I said OK.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a man of my word. And when the first word he started to speak said, ”
I know your relationship with Murat’s wife,
tons of boiling water poured out of my head.” I went with what
thoughts, and he continued.

I was a little relieved when I said that if you want, this can be kept a secret between us . I thought that at least a way of salvation had arisen
and I was shocked once again with the offer he made to me. When he said
that this issue can remain a secret between us on the condition that you include me, I
did not accept it in the first place because Sevilay promised me that no one would know about this relationship
, so I said no and told me. If not, you know
, when I said I would tell the company and Murat,
the red on my face turned into all the colors of the rainbow at that moment.

I said how many originals there are on Zevce.com, just click and see. Actually
, I want to be constructive, but I didn’t know what to say about this subject,
so I asked him to give me some time. The room would
be ok, he said to let me for 2 days and I should have opened this issue to Sevila as soon as possible. After all
, it was a matter of life and death. At the end, he was disgraced and
asked what I thought when I brought this subject up to Sevila.

If this event is heard, they will neither let you live nor me, but if you ask me, I was thinking for a long time
how I could throw this girl to bed when I said
OK, then the world was mine when I said that the song should come tomorrow night, and all of a
sudden, the group that I had been fantasizing about for a long time would be sex, and when I
said Jasmine, her eyes sparkled. It was as if the evening
did not know for me and Yasemin.

yes, the expected moment finally came, after we closed our office in the evening,
we entered the building separately
. I did not know about the surprise that Sevilay prepared for us. but I was very comfortable knowing that she was going to build a power plant as her husband
said. And I said let’s have something to eat before
we started. After we had our dinner, we went to the bedroom. I
almost left myself in the hands of two beauties.

I was melting, they were finishing me, their hands and tongues were all over my body,
so I let myself go according to the flow of the event, when I saw Murat standing in front of the door,
I jumped out of bed.

And I was trying to tell the story right away, but I looked back and our cashier
fainted, but when Murat started laughing, I thought the man had a fit, but I was
wrong, Sevilay told everything to her husband so that the incident would be known, and
talked about our relationship.

When Murat heard about the incident, they said ok when our magnificent cashier was in jasmine , but I will
surprise them . and together the four of us had a night that we will never forget for the rest of our lives .

muratla paslaşlı we did not fill both of them, we did not leave their holes,
I can’t remember how many times I ejaculated until the morning, but I
will definitely not forget that night for the rest of my life. I was meeting with Yasemin until 5 months ago,
but after her marriage, her husband moved to another city and we broke
up. I hope you liked my story.
By the way, married or widowed ladies from adana, I am waiting for your mail, I have different
fantasies, we can apply

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