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I am 29 years old and I have been married for 7 years. When we got married, my wife was 19 and I was 22 years old and we were very young, so we had a very active and hot sex life.

We might even say it’s a little fast, but of course, it was always between the two of us. I think I’ve been asking for different searches lately. The reason for this was that one day, on my way home, I saw my wife walking swaying in a knee-length compression skirt about 10 meters ahead of me. When I saw my wife, I was excited that she was still very sexy and still attractive. her hips were great. Meanwhile, I heard the conversation of two young people walking one step ahead of me. They were talking about my wife and commenting to each other on how to fuck her. I got angry for a moment, but then I started to like it. I entered the house right after my wife and hugged her waist, pressed to her lips, without saying what’s going on, I lifted her skirt and went inside. I told him what happened in the evening, aren’t you jealous? he asked, actually i was very jealous but i said i like that, he said let me make you more jealous then he told me if they were handsome at least then i liked it very much and i started to fuck him again by getting on top do you want them to be with us while you fuck? I started to ask, my wife shyly turned her head, but when she insisted, she said if you want it, I would like it too. He said especially if they are the types I like.

In our next lovemaking, we always had other men’s fantasies, we watched movies on these topics together, and we even said we should try it in Bodrum that summer, but my wife did not dare. When we came to Istanbul, while reading sex stories, I saw that a few couples like us were using a site called Google, and I reached the Masseur. Then, I explained the incident to my wife and we opened a web cam one evening as per the conditions of the masseur, and somehow I guessed at that time, we started making love with my wife in front of the web cam with the expertise of the masseur, this was the first step for us. 2 days later, we called our masseur and made an appointment. The day I was going to have a massage, I went home early, my wife went to the hairdresser and bought a sexy outfit that she couldn’t even wear in Bodrum. When the time came, we met our masseur at the door, as we met on the web cam, an extremely polite gentleman came. After chatting for 5 minutes, he said that we could start the massage, we went to our bedroom, the masseur said to me, do you want to undress your wife, and I undressed my wife, then she said, “Who wants to undress me?” It happened and he stripped our masseur and then he lay down and started massaging my wife’s feet while I was sitting and watching them. Then the masseur went up and came to my wife’s legs, she slowly took off her thong that my wife was afraid to take off and threw it in my face, this aroused me a lot, she also aroused my wife, now her fingers were caressing my wife’s cunt and my wife was squirming. When our eyes met, she looked at me very hot.

When she was going to massage her back, she sat on her hips and settled in between her hard buttocks, massaging her back thoroughly, she was massaging her buttocks and her pussy, but she was not getting inside, she turned towards me and waited for confirmation. I got out of the bed. I came to my wife and leaned down and asked her ear, can she get inside? When the room asked me if I wanted you, I put my hand on her hips and I asked the masseur to fuck my wife by opening your hips. I was very excited and enjoyed when I said this, the masseur slowly slipped into my wife and was getting in and out while massaging. it was great then she asked my wife to come back and she continued the massage then she told me to spread my wife’s legs so i did and she slowly shoved her dick in my wife’s cunt but she did not massage my wife’s tummy and breasts he was going on and he told me to kiss my wife again it was amazing then he lay my wife on my lap and he kept on fucking me like that he was fucking my wife on my lap it was a great pleasure then I got undressed and dogged my wife while the masseur was fucking my wife’s cunt I got under him and I was licking his cunt I was licking the masseur’s balls in my face The touch gave a special excitement. The masseur asked where do you want me to cum, my wife said to cum inside of me, it was okay because it was protected anyway, they both discharged with a magic tremor. It was a great massage, now we get massages again and again.

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