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Me and my wife were influenced by these stories and had a beautiful day with my uncle’s son
. And we decided to share this relationship with you. I’m Serkan,
33 years old, working in a private company. My wife, Heather, is a 26-year-old housewife
. We are both a family of ideal sizes, living in mutual agreement.
We have 1 child. It was 8 months ago, I was
reading the stories in the spouses section one night with my wife and creating fantasy for ourselves. But of
course, we didn’t think much about the possibility of such a relationship. However, as time
passed, what I read created an irresistible desire in me
. I talked to my wife about this. At first, she thought it was just fantasy, and she
laughed. When she realized that I was serious, she thought seriously.
He started to think. We started to look for couples we could be with. But in
vain, we saw that it was very difficult in Antep. Later
, the idea that there could be only one man instead of a couple came to my mind. And I focused on this. My uncle
‘s son was the most reasonable one
. We talk about some things. Oda is married, but his wife
is a little fat and I know that he will definitely not take kindly to this issue
. After that, he came to tell my wife about our partner.
Seeing that I was very willing, he said that it would be heard
. Before I forget, my uncle’s son’s name is Sedat. My wife is okay, but
He said how will it be, I said leave it to me. And I took action.
Let me tell you a little bit about Sedat. He is 30 years old with a full mustache and a very social
life . We used to talk, saying it should be like this. But now we were going to live these things as reality, not as a dream. I woke up early on Sunday morning and went to work. He was happy to see me. After talking about the weather, I always brought the word back to the sex-filled days we used to live. I asked him how he was with his wife.

He said he didn’t like sex very much. I asked him what kind of sex he liked the most, what kind
of women he wanted to be with. He poured out his troubles to me. In our later conversations , I
kept talking about group sex. He said that he wanted a lot but it was very difficult to find a woman . I said, “What’s up with the people who are mixed with humor. You are right, but even if our chick hears, she will kill me and get divorced immediately . ” later it would be easier. It was my wife’s turn when she was little with sedat.

I talked about what we went through.
I told him many times that his dick was long and thick and I prepared it too. A week later, I got up early again on Sunday, took
a bath together, and of course he shaved all sides with my wife
When I was leaving the house in the morning, I told him that I had a surprise in the evening, I said what is it,
you will see it in the evening and I went. I phoned Sedat
, we want to talk about the topic together, I said come to us in the evening, he was surprised, but he said ok
. The doorbell rang at 9 o’clock and the movie was starting. It was sedat
. He said , first in a whisper, don’t you think I’m thinking, right
? I said yes, I called for him. I said yes
I said if you don’t want that there is nothing to be afraid of, nothing will happen. He thought for a bit and said ok if you won’t
be jealous. I said ok. While we were talking tea, I
openly told sedata that we wanted to have sex with my wife because it was exciting
He was ashamed . First he
started licking my dick. At that time, Sedat looked like he was going to die of excitement because
his wife had never even put his cock in his mouth. And it was his turn, his thick head was big and his balls
were big and he was swinging down
was happening. Really last time I saw your dick than mine
It was small, but after years, the enlarged veins were revealed . My wife sucked his dick for a long time. Sedat
sucked his dick for a long time. It was as if sedat was flying
. He knelt down and licked my dick, licking a sedat’s dick. Then he started stroking our dick like he was 31. First I cummed, I squirted into the mouth of the heather, and then I squirted in his face. It was the turn of sedatta. I stepped back and started to watch . .Your dick’s head turned livid like it was a bomb going off and more

He couldn’t stand it. There was a very hard squirt towards my wife’s face. Believe me, I
have never seen anyone squirting like that before. The first sperm squirted straight into his mouth
, then his face and hair all over the heather . We later
learned that he hasn’t ejaculated for a month. Yes, that’s our story, but what distinguishes this
story from others. It really happened. We have
our e-mail address
below .

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