I am 18 years old, 1.80 m tall, green eyes and
called handsome by the people around me . I am sitting here
. Let me tell you what happened to my aunt …

One day I went to my aunt’s to see my uncle, but my uncle had not come from work
yet. Anyway, I was waiting with my aunt
. Of course, my eyes were closed and I looked at it too.. My aunt looked at me and looked at me as if she didn’t understand. Anyway, about 10 minutes passed. My aunt wanted me to give her a little massage. I said okay . My aunt lay on my back and asked me to step on her with my foot. he said, if it hurts, you will descend

He said, ‘I’ve been burdened with one foot, stop and don’t be like that, do it with your hand ,
‘ he said, ‘Okay,’ I said, I started to bust my sister-in-law’s back

aunt to want me to massage a little hip I currently durdumm room
would bişi shame shame because I’m ashamed to tell you I’m ii your streak education was ded
my dick now dayanamıo of Standards mıcıkl began after deddimm again
pants delcekti I hayle mıncıklıy I thighs in yengemm than
my dick askance looked mild smile by missed his eye and
the am He started walking back and forth to the pillow under him. I was going on with
shyness and bewilderment. My aunt suddenly trembled, obviously it was
emptying, but I didn’t understand either, my aunt said it’s enough, by the
, my back was hurt too.
I said I would die too, my aunt laid me down, she started
to caress my waist, she said I’ll rub in cream, she said okay, she brought the cream, and she started to cream my back, her
hands were very well-groomed and had long nails.

Of course, he suddenly went down to my hips, then he put his hand in my crotch, I
looked back as his reaction, he winked at me, I immediately
understood his purpose and I didn’t say anything, his hands went down from my crotch and
finally stuck
to my dick. I said you
emptied me so I said you and it stuck to my lip, he bent down to my ear then he
started to undress and he undressed me
too I left myself in my aunt’s hands my aunt was rubbing my dick
and suddenly she took it in her mouth she gave a very nice blowjob I said stop I will come and she pulled
her mouth of course I couldn’t come he said stop ejaculation right after him
she turned round and her pussy looked like it was stuck in her ass hole she said come on sock quickly
and I stung it suddenly my sister-in-law started to strain my aunt’s pussy
was tight

I started to go and come to my aunt 10 15 Iez came and went
, my aunt took my cock out of it and took a towel in her hand, she dried both my dick
and her own pussy and ass hole well and it got crooked again. I put a little saliva on the end of my dick
and I tear it off, come on, get in me
die she was moaning and cuddling her pussy I immediately pressed me to her ass hole she was tight but she did n’t
go in my aunt screaming she
was breathing deeply she said I never put a finger in my
ass my aunt girmioduu was enjoying it very much.

The sides of my aunt’s ass hole that I was trying to get turned red
and it started to bleed. I spit my cock out without my aunt seeing it and my uncle
‘s dick in the narrow hole suddenly I pulled my knees back and slammed it and my
aunt made a big cry and I was in
my aunt’s face my aunt turned her face to me sobbing

Don’t take it off, it hurts a lot, but I started to do it,
I started doing it back and forth, my sister-in-law cried and that’s why I liked it , I got even more
aroused. I threw my hand in my aunt’s pussy, she always fingered my aunt , and I was fucking
her until blood came from her ass. I said I’m ejaculating to my aunt
, I’m about to come. she
lay on the floor and it was flat with the floor my finger was going to break in
my aunt’s cunt I was almost emptying my aunt’s cock
started to come at the same time and she took the pillow on the floor in her mouth it was like it was going to
break my aunt’s eyes were red and the waters were flowing on my hand then we both
ejaculated but my aunt made me not take the cock out again
lifting me was singing but he kalkmı be the kind of aunt chest of my favorites
I’ve been stopped in me ded 10 min ole and got up to yengemm GOTD very zewk
got up acquisition was and my dick ever inside without removing the foot and I sat in my room
was kucağımdayıd

Don’t take it off, it’s very nice, it’s like a warm thing is walking inside me he said he had tears in his
eye and he made me lick them, auntie, my
dick hurts now I said ok my life is empty once more he
said and started jumping on me suddenly I jerked out.
Anyway, I woke up in the morning, the window next to my bed was left open, I
fell on the quilt above me, my ass
was frozen, I looked at my weight , my sperm was in it, it was all a dream.

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