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davet edilmedin. Hello.i bilal, I want to tell you about a moment that I witnessed many years ago that I can’t explain to anyone to this day, and that has become a suppressed feeling in me and gnaws at my insides. my mother courtesy is now 58 years old, 160-165 height, around 70 kg, white skin, cheerful, well-groomed and beautiful enough to be desired by men around her, and a classic Anatolian woman. two years after my father mustafa and my mother got married, livelihood problems forced my father to go abroad, and then my father left my elder brother and my mother in the village in the 1970s and went to Germany, my father, as far as my mother told us, my sister was born about 6-7 months after my father went to Germany, bam couldn’t come to Germany for a few years, then my father came for 1.5 months a year, then left us in Turkey and went to Germany, after my brother and sister, I had two more sisters, I was born because they were of primary school age, so I was raised as a baby rose hand as the youngest and last pouch of the father took my older brother and older sisters to Germany, respectively, who finished high school, and when it came to me, he didn’t take me because my school life was successful, and also so that my mother wouldn’t be alone, I studied in Turkey, our village because it is very close to the district, I went to high school and middle school in the morning and went home in the evening, I went to a department I wanted at the university and now I am working as a specialist in a career position in a public institution at the age of 28, I have extended the word too much, I am coming to my main moment. it happened to me when I was studying in high school about 12-13 years ago.our house was a nice spacious and newly built building, because there was a coal mine near our village, my father did not spare any expense, he installed a floor heater in the house, so our house was very warm in winter and mother has been putting me to bed in a separate room since elementary school, even if I said I was afraid, she would indoctrinate me that your lamp is on, my son, what’s in our house, anyway, that night I was 15 years old, fucking a woman really feels like a dream for me, I could never imagine.i woke up in the night, the heater was very burned, I got up, I was soggy sweaty i went out in my room to get a drink of water in the kitchen, I went to the kitchen, I saw the light of my mother’s bedroom next to the bathroom, I drank water in the kitchen, I went into the toilet next to the bathroom, I heard a male voice in the toilet, I thought for a moment, I immediately went out to the toilet, I looked, the sound came in my mother’s bedroom, the door of my mother’s bedroom would always be open, because the bedroom is the most secluded place in the house, you couldn’t see inside the room if you went in front of the door. pressing the tip of my foot to make a sound, he was next to the door like this, and neither my mother was naked, making crazy love to a burly man next to her, I shuddered for a moment, I hadn’t seen a naked woman until I saw my mother at that moment, my mother’s white body, breasts that looked as stone as a medium-sized watermelon, and her pussy that looked tiny, was right in front of me, but I didn’t understand who was lying next to my mother, stroking my mother’s breasts, asking on her lips for a moment, they made love like this for 10 minutes, but my mother was a snake-like fool, this is he moves to the side, screams of pleasure like oh oh surround the room, and the man on him is holding mom’s lips while asking, he strokes my mother’s breasts with his hands as if crushing her legs and ass, every once in a while he put his hand on my mother’s pussy and when he started stroking, the sound that came out in my mother was louder, ahhhh, while the man lay on his back, oh my god, our village headman, my father’s closest friend, my mother’s age, tall overweight uncle yusuf, I froze, officially my father’s closest friend was fucking my mother, which seemed more disgusting to me than usual, because my father and uncle yusuf were like brothers, I was shocked by the sight I saw, and my body Decayed as if the blood had dried. uncle yusuf lay on his back, oh my god, the man has a dick, he made me shudder even more, but thicker, I wondered how my mother would take this dick in her pussy, but thicker, my first shocks passed, I started watching comfortably, my mother got up, lay on uncle yusuf in the opposite direction, uncle yusuf licked my mother’s pussy with his tongue, my mother took uncle yusuf’s huge dick in her mouth, sucked it so hard that only a very small part of uncle yusuf’s dick went into my mother’s mouth, my mother’s right, while sucking uncle’s dick several times, organzma it must have happened so that the ahs like crazy don’t go to waste yusuf was saying the water of my inner pussy, and what did uncle yusuf’s dick stretch so much, it swelled up like it would tear my mother’s mouth, and my mother squeezed her lips so tight that despite all this, that big dick started flowing liquids like white ayrad on the banks of my mother’s mouth, my mother swallowed with her eyes closed, she swallowed it all beautifully, as if she were a person burned with thirst in the heat, and turned over and went between uncle yusuf’s legs, licked all sides of that magnificent dick and cleaned it in semen, until that day I had seen my own semen, but from uncle yusuf, I was swallowing my own semen beautifully, and I was swallowing my own semen, but from uncle yusuf, I was swallowing my own semen beautifully, and I was swallowing my own semen beautifully, and I was swallowing my own semen beautifully, and I was swallowing my own semen beautifully, and I was swallowing my own semen beautifully, and I was swallowing my own Decoction beautifully, and I was swallowing my own next to his flowing semen, mine was like clear water. then they slept side by side for 5 minutes, my mother put her hand on uncle yusuf’s dick, started stroking, stroked a little, got up, took it in her mouth again, eme eme restored uncle yusuf’s dick, and my mother turned around, lay back, opened her legs, and lifted it up, yusuf, I’ve been dreaming about you for years, I’ve been full with my hands on this bed, how many times have I seen you in my dream, how many times have I been a woman in my dream, your yusuf, come in, shove this dick in my pussy, I can’t stand it anymore ahhh ahh, she was writhing.uncle yusuf got up, went between my mother’s Decoupled legs, stroked my mother’s legs, grabbed and licked and put his fingers on her shoulder he spat on the end and wet the head of his dick and held his huge dick with his hand and put it on my mother’s pussy oh my god, my mother was excited about how to eat this huge dick, as if my heart would stop, uncle yusuf slightly lost his dick in my mother’s pussy, my mother was squirming like a snake, making a thousand different sounds, uncle yusuf had already inserted his dick halfway, because my mother yusuf, my man, bogam, how much did the sting start to hurt, uncle yusuf put his hand on uncle yusuf’s mattress, uncle yusuf pulled my mother’s hand on his mattress with his hands but we hadn’t talked like that, my tooth said I was, and such a it was because my mother was crying out for pain ahhhhhhhhhhhh she said I was dead and her voice stopped uncle yusuf had stung the balls enough to stick to my mother’s pussy, he was even trying to lose, and then uncle yusuf made a noise called iii, then uncle yusuf started screaming for pleasure again in my mother after going back and forth several times uncle yusuf was kissing her lips, licking her breasts, stroking her legs with his hands when he put his dick in my mother’s pussy and took it out.uncle yusuf fucked my mother for about 20 minutes, and then my mother made a noise, yusuf, my insides are burning, come Decant now, he told me I want to carry your sperm inside me, by the way, yusuf uncle got so nervous that he fell on my mother, stayed like that, and my mother’s pussy started to flow out of semen uncle yusuf got up on my mother a minute or two later, he lay on my mother’s bow listlessly and rubbed the semen flowing in my mother’s pussy with his hands into my mother’s body, wiped the semen in my mother’s pussy every once in a while, handed it to my mother’s lips, licked my mother, it took 5 minutes my mother got up and took uncle yusuf’s dick in his mouth, sucked, lifted it up again, did not get enough, puffed my pussy’s lips until morning, uncle yusuf went to bed, saying fuck me, uncle yusuf got up, turn around, mom Decked out what he would never do such a thing don’t ever think that even my husband mustafa didn’t fuck me in the back, uncle yusuf, I’m not your husband mustafa, my fucking bogan, do what I say, aren’t you my bitch, and he slapped my mother so hard that my mother said ay, my mother’s hair was so messed up that it left me angry at this sight, I immediately went to the kitchen and took the roll my mother opened pies, they had no idea, uncle yusuf spat on my mother’s ass, rubbed his hands, put his full dick on my mother’s ass, so I lowered the roll in my hand to his open ass with all my might ah he said, but my mother screamed, ayyy, I cut the sides of the door, my mother told me begging my son, he said look, I’ll stop talking to you later tomorrow, I’ll tell uncle riza both of you, see, then I said that big dick yusuf officially froze in front of me, his dick shrank, shrank until it disappeared, look, I said stop it, my mother is your bitch, ha, my uncle riza served 8 years in prison, it’s been 4-5 months since dana came out, he would have cut them into crisps. uncle yusuf was already finished when he heard the name riza, i repeated it, my mother is your bitch, ha look, uncle yusuf said no, i misunderstood me, you agreed not to tell anyone what you saw, i shouted, what will we agree, you are my father’s most trusted friend, you are my father’s mother, why did you do this with my father if you were so homesick for fucking baccarat, I said, and I cried, my mother, my son, you are right, calm down, i will explain to you, uncle bilal, look, let’s deal with this, uncle yusuf, you are my mother, you are my mother, you are my mother, why did you do this, and i couldn’t stand it, my son, uncle bilal, look, let’s deal with this, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, uncle bilal, when you say close the conversation, I’ll figure out what the fuck you you fuck my mom and call her a bitch, I said how to figure it out, va, his wife immediately came to mind, like, is he going to fuck aunt zeynep to me, if you fuck aunt zeynep to me, I won’t tell anyone, I won’t get an answer, so I’m completely shocked, then I want to fuck your beautiful wife while I fuck, you’ll watch us get fit, I said, don’t, son, okay, I’ll definitely find a way to fuck your aunt zeynep, but I can’t stand watching, she said. and I gave way, he left next time I’ll tell you how I fucked uncle yusuf’s 45-year-old blonde-haired, white-skinned fish-like wife

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